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    Tokyo pulp, ethno-cultural pathology, jurisprudence, Cold War, criminal behaviour, comics, Douglas Adams, Robert Shea, left-hand path, social evolution, microbiology, going to Seaworld and taking my pants off.
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  1. apparently is a part time steelworker. Time to check out if they have a "LunchBox" in Toronto. I hear they play a lot of Queen.

  2. hero, demon, myth, roleplay, rpg, magic, duel, magicduel, (obvious), bored, free, flash, online, interactive, players, community, spell, witch, occult, tarot, testing, light, dark, lore, alchemy, mystic, villain, evil, angel, devil, game I dunno, and probably a lot more.
  3. Mole Man, Sabretooth, Powergirl, Little Shop of Horrors, Sandman, Books of Magic. They're still really great, though.
  4. Well, I don't particularly mind if it's used as a roleplay element. But if the individual is getting knocked up every 3 months or so, then yeah. It gets pretty stupid. I also know of very few single parents who would get knocked by every single man they met, and few men who would take the risk of doing so if they already had once in the past. I realize that this is fiction (not as blind as most people think, grandma) but there has to be some sort of pathos involved with your characters. Seriously.
  5. [quote]King Daimon (ID:146189) Who are YOU?[/quote] I'm me. You're you. [quote]I am Bored (ID:38621) What is Boredom?[/quote] A state of ennui brought on by either overstimulation or disinterest, normally associated with a wandering mind. [quote]Tzaroth747 (ID:101892) Why do you seek knowledge?[/quote] Everything seeks knowledge as a means of cementing themselves in the evolutionary ladder seeing as how all creatures innately evolve from their experience. The pursuit of knowledge is a result of this urge and as such is the precursor for basic education since it ensu
  6. Animal rights has been prevalent within society for a good number of decades, prior commonwealth law against the treatment of agriculture creatures notwithstanding. Should a dog be put to sleep? And if we exist within the confines of an imagined environment, does that not then mean that a song conjuring the image of an animal should be afforded any less rights than the average person? I say that if we are all imagined into existence within this realm then so, too, should the song be regarded as a living entity due to the nature of our assumed reality. To remove the song now would essentia
  7. Simply by being alive in the first place you are contributing to the evolutionary spectrum since you immediately alter your environment by existing in the first place. The question of life after death is cannot be equated into any answer with any sense of honesty aside from a philosophical hypothesis since it would require an individual to die and then come back to report their findings. As to why we live and we die, it is a matter of cellular degradation and also the additional reasoning as to allowing population growth. ie: In a dense forest, the newer saplings will not receive light un
  8. [quote name='(Zl-eye-f)-nea' post='34474' date='Jun 23 2009, 03:49 PM']ed - Incidentally, what is a goal?[/quote] Well, this is another question with several levels of complexity. There are 3 types of goals, those established by society, those established by quality of life, and those established by the individual themselves. The last one is pretty self-explanatory wherein you seek to overcome an obstacle. When you overcome it, you achieve the goal. The first is pretty much anything that the vox populi suggests should be something to strive to obtain, that could pretty much be anythin
  9. Well, let's look at this way. Yes, there are several instances where poverty brings to mind the sense of reckless abandon and to follow through with your most basic impulses, but at the same time in our current state (assuming you are in a first world nation and have a rather healthy grasp of the economy) many would weigh out the advantages and disadvantages of having a child thus leading to more personal care. So yes, while it is certainly APPARENT that it is due to psychological impulses, the question really lies as to why people abandon their reason in favour of the moment, despite the f
  10. The terms of "good" and "evil" are manmade constructs as mankind is the only species of the planet to place such labels upon their actions. To use an analogy, one cannot paint a picture of an elephant without knowing what an elephant is. In that sense, it is the same argument that can be attributed to man. They cannot know what it is to be "good" without first defining what it is to be "evil". In this line of logic, mankind ITSELF is neither good NOR evil due to the very nature of their definitions. But if one were to think about the aspect of personal fulfillment and that, as Socrates
  11. Little known fact about Canada, it has dendra.

  12. Yes another Canadian! .. Our numbers are growing >:D

  13. It actually wasn't that hard if you pay attention to what's actually going on with it.[attachment=947:screenshot.jpg]
  14. Wait wait wait...did the individual who had claimed their work was copied/stolen bring up the claims themselves? It kind of seems a little stupid to believe that someone who would feel so adamant about said issue would simply leave it to somebody else. I think the same issue arose in a separate incident not more than a few weeks ago. I might not be a big city lawyer...but I believe that if the image itself isn't being profited upon and the original artist is already aware of its use and has taken no action, then the cause to bring action against the party/parties involved is just...weird.
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