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    Markham, Ontario, Canada
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    Tokyo pulp, ethno-cultural pathology, jurisprudence, Cold War, criminal behaviour, comics, Douglas Adams, Robert Shea, left-hand path, social evolution, microbiology, going to Seaworld and taking my pants off.
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    Talos Salvitore
  1. apparently is a part time steelworker. Time to check out if they have a "LunchBox" in Toronto. I hear they play a lot of Queen.

  2. Little known fact about Canada, it has dendra.

  3. Yes another Canadian! .. Our numbers are growing >:D

  4. It actually wasn't that hard if you pay attention to what's actually going on with it.[attachment=947:screenshot.jpg]
  5. Ok, fine, you are not a ho.

    Tally Not-Ho!

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