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  1. *throws a bucket of water at you to drown you* thats for the award. >_

  2. Heard the best song ever today... And no. I'm not gonna let you listen to it coz its mine. ^_^

  3. Let me feed your hunger with my fruits, Let me leech you with my thirsty roots...

  4. BEWARE of black lacy hankies which smell of roses...

  5. my defnition of freedom: alzheimer's

    1. Shemhazaj


      Amo, my grandpa did not. As Mur said, he was "lost" till the very end...

    2. Chewett


      Sick and wrong. That idea disgusts me

    3. Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Some do, some don't.. I only know that my grandmother spoke my brother's name and recognized him, saying, "I'll miss you."

      It's just a sad thought.

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  6. And thank you for the song... :)

  7. :) I agree it Nimrodel was chosen from LotR. But it's merely a title for Nim meaning Lady of the white caves. If you read her papers you will understand. Her real name is Millerna.

    We joined GotR at the same time Magnus... I wonder if you remember that. :)

  8. =_= who invented the exam system?

    1. Nimrodel


      well that bored someone can stuck the f-peep-ing system up his -PEEEP-ing -BLEEP-

    2. Anatoli


      peeeping bleeep?sounds fun

    3. death ray

      death ray

      can i try some of that?

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  9. *goes to read old Forum stuff once again*

  10. hmph.. i hate noses and atrophic rhinitis

  11. O_O 1. You left Marv to die! 2. You stole my flute! GET BACK HERE! I'LL STRANGLE YOU WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS!

  12. -ties you and Marv together and throws you in the Loreroot Lake- *Evil laugh*

  13. -ties you and rhaegar together and throws you in the Loreroot Lake- *Evil laugh*

  14. -smiles sweetly and slaps death ray- I warned you against that.

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