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  1. intense match. 54 runs in 34 balls. IN LOVE WITH ZAHEER KHAN! For him being the playmaker.

  2. england is getting -peep-ed by sachin. :)) EPIC

  3. India vs England. GO INDIA!

    1. Nimrodel


      first ball- 4runs. Pfft.

  4. and India wins. By 87 runs. ^_^

    1. Nimrodel


      erm.. I'd say ireland :P same group you see :P

    2. Sharazhad


      Ireland...well... my fingers are crossed that Ireland should at least make it to 1/4 finals

    3. Sharazhad


      send me the link that has the groups and the match dates... I think S.A, West Indies and England are in one group if I am not mistaken

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  5. Brilliant 171 by sehwag! And YAY again for kohli's display of pure awesomeness!

  6. Brilliant 171 by sehwag! And YAY again for kohli's display of pure awesomeness!

  7. Brilliant 171 by sehwag! And YAY again for kohli's display of pure awesomeness!

  8. century by sehwag! Yay! *cheers*

  9. WOO HOO! AWESOME RUNRATE! *cheers for sehwag so that he can score a century*

  10. INDIA vs BANGLADESH tomorrow!! WOOO HOOO CRICKET!!! ^_^ *gets her pompons ready*

    1. Nimrodel


      @firs: it the world cup. No comments about cricket unless you want me hanging around your neck for the rest of your life.

      @shem: cant you think of something other than eating?

    2. Shemhazaj


      I can Nimmy... but it does not involve crickets ;)

    3. Tipu


      nan i don't like to catch balls that's not my job hehehe

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  11. GO INDIA! Rock the world! WOO HOO!

    1. nadrolski
    2. Sharazhad


      *presses invisible "like" button*

  12. GO INDIA! Rock the world! WOO HOO!

  13. The bone collector.

  14. What's on my mind? Two people. Two songs. Johnny cash - hurt and Avril lavigne - Naked.

  15. titan A.E.!! MWAHAHAHA! Its lovely watching old movies again and again :D

    1. Shadowseeker


      If it is that one about this starmap to that planet, hell yes.

    2. Nimrodel


      well titan A.E. has the map in the ring. Treasure planet has a map in a ball. dunno which one you are talking about :P both are awesome :D

    3. Shadowseeker


      The one with these weird aliens after them and that crazy techonology? I think that was A.E., loved it when I watched it. And yeah, the other was also nice.

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  16. watching sweeney todd... Whoa... Scareh gore!

    1. Prince Marvolo
    2. Grido


      Johnny Depp or one of the older versions?

      Tis great!

    3. Nimrodel
  17. listening to a remixed ancient britney. Her 1st album. -_- yes i have gone crazy.

  18. watching the sound of music for the... Nth time. :D and having fun!

    1. Esmaralda


      That is a very enjoyable movie, I agree! ^_^

    2. Sharazhad


      woah!!! for A second I thought you were talking to yourself!!!

    3. Grido
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  19. A freak of nature stuck in reality...

    1. Shemhazaj


      talking about me again? >>

  20. Grand finale tomorrow... The ultimate showdown... Pray for me people... -_-'''

    1. Pipstickz


      Good guys, bad guys and explosions as far as the eye can see

    2. Lintara


      Best of luck! >^.^<

    3. Sharazhad


      Good luck!! I'll light a candle for you

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  21. Few more hours MD and I'll be back again temporarily! Cant wait to start training!

  22. Nimrodel D'Artagnan Millerna Clearwater the Cerulean :D

  23. Why am I seeing a nightmare every single afternoon for three hours? THE FRIGGIN CYCLE DOESN'T STOP! The 'ingeneous' uni people are playing with our lives! Traumatic paraplegia and hand infections for 10 marks?! Who are they playing with! F****** *******S!

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