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  1. Erm.. What about loreroot? And why did golemus create instability? It was a totally different land of its own. I mean it was unconnected to the mainland of magic duel, till the bridge was built..
  2. Erm.. In case you didnt see.. Tainted angiens... Why are they tainted? Disgraced...?
  3. *scratches her head* hmm.. Khalazdad has been inactive from the past few days.. And liberty, erm.. Ok.. Erm.. Shades are not natural enemies of angiens.. Why? Shades are the dark, angiens are the light.. Erm.. They antagonise each other. Arent they like.. Erm.. How do I put it? Like the day and the night. Erm.. How can light exist in dark and dark in light without trying to hide when the other dominates? Ok.. So now.. I have another question. Tainted angien. How can light be contaminated, erm perveted by darkness? Ok.. Tainted means disgraced.. So why are they disgraced?
  4. Correct me if I am wröng liberty. I read in some pinned up thread bout angiens being a natural enemy of shades and somethng about bears and sharks.. Never mind..
  5. I won? O.o wow! I WON! Yay! *still cant believe it* I Won! I won! I won! Wow! *does a jig*
  6. Hmm.. Well.. In a square, you can go around and around too.. Cyclically.. I dont want to sound obstinate or imposible. But I just cant grasp what you are trying to say. Now for the shades and a perfect sphere, erm.. Isnt there a charecter who is a perfect sphere, i think MRD. the one who floats in the air and went to golemus, to gain knowledge, so what about him? Does that interfere with the balance? Hmm.. And when the shades mirror us.. Erm.. They should also mirror our negative side right? That means they should be having positive sides too right? And erm.. They say that angiens are the
  7. Hmm, please define cyclicity for me.. I guess I am getting confused.. Because when i say cyclic, i mean the whole thing starts and ends at the same point no matter which way i go or move my pencil.. Well now for spirals.. Erm i agree when you say that spirals go clockwise and anti clockwise when you change the planes. What does that have to do with cyclicity?
  8. You spoke my mind burns. So that means every shape is cyclic. Including the cube. Well.. Now then everything that did originate from the cube is cyclic.. So how does that make the shades different from us? Refering to the association of shades to cyclicity of spheres and spirals, i would say even we should be associated with spheres and spirals... Then how do you explain that the shades mirror us?
  9. Its not a point death bell...
  10. Erm.. Reading all about spheres, cubes and circles in the pinned up thread, i remembered a question i encountered while preparing for my engineering exams( i m not an engineer i am a doctor. I prepared for both) The question was what would you relate a circle with radius equalling infinity to? The options given were a cube, a sphere, a line or a point. The answer is very simple. I'l let you people figure it out. Its a paradox. Hmm. My question is something you will understand after you figure out the answer. You see, I would like to point that the principle of cyclicity will not hold go
  11. Nimrodel


    Erm.. Thank you.. XD
  12. Nimrodel


    Whats the difference between a peach and an apricot?
  13. *yawns* the only way i am being affected is the job market contest. *Yawn*
  14. I'l enter too! This is fun! TIRED OF WATCHING THE SAME OLD JOKERS IN YOUR AREA? NEED NEW ENTERTAINMENT? Let your creatures learn dance! Let them join Esmerelda's academy for dance for a week! And watch as develop their talent and fitness! All in just 1 week! My previous students have something to say: Medusa the water: I learnt to let out my thoughts and express them in the form of dance.. Mawler the grasan: I do fantastic belly dance! Thanks to my teacher! Jura the drachorn: I have learnt hip hop and contemporary and won the heart of my master! Samuel the Gay Pimp: I waltz
  15. [quote name='Chewett' post='34999' date='Jun 26 2009, 10:10 PM']lol. no no no no no. was mod before admin it was definately you that were an admin before mod and now are a normal player soon you will be banned as you go down the scale. [/quote] *gets scared* I was niether! I hate responsibilities! And I am being a good girl! I am not spamming! Dont ban me.. *hides all the spam posts under the carpent and smiles innocently*
  16. BINGO! You got it NEX.. Please post your explanation here so others may read it as well. I'l send your coin on 5th a.s.a.p. When i get on a pc..
  17. Daniel Carpenter, a forensics specialist, went to a reknowned medical college for a job interview.. When he entered the interview chamber, he was greeted by two senior doctors.. One man was old appearing to be around 50 to 60yrs of age and the other was a middle age man of around 35 to 40yrs. He greeted them and was asked to sit down.. They had a white metal tray infront of them which had a single finger which smelt as if it had been preserved in formalin. The finger was pointing towards Daniel with a perfectly visible finger nail. It appeared freshly cut, without any signs of blood in it,
  18. Of course it is! If dst doesnt log on the forum for another three or four months that is. By the way! Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay..
  19. You are an administrator before mod.
  20. NO WAY! I get to use my acount just once in two months. And when I am on, i am on 21hrs a day. If the accounts get deleted, then there would be no point..
  21. When will the 2nd wave of questions be posted?
  22. *Worships and becomes a miniature colin creevey*

  23. I vote it as the best topic on MD! *gives fenrir a jam tart* my stomach really pains. Lmao.
  24. [quote name='lightsage' post='34852' date='Jun 25 2009, 11:10 PM']Wait, do you consider Chewy a mod or am I one of those 4? If so... Which? Oh and to stay on topic: I am here to have fun, SOME people that are around seem to like my company [/quote] my bad.. I added Mr. Wookie adm to the mod list..
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