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  1. Happy Birthday Hot stuff! Have a flaming birthday...
  2. Happy MD Birthday! Is this the 12th one? Wow. !2 years since MD Came into existence. THough the population has declined, the spirit remains the same! And as the Topic Title Says, The Arrogant, Stuck up Queen Returns! I shall be the Queen of Sheba for One day Tomorrow and Like last year I shall host a variety of mini quests with rewards. THere will be a total of 10 mini quests at random times in the Day. And here goes the reward list: Every Quest winner will get an individual reward like an item or coins or resources and stuff like that. Apart from those: win
  3. Was wondering why the happy birthday threads stopped. Anyways Happy Birthday Miq Have a great day.Hope I am not too late
  4. I believe I will remain with courage... It's Something that has been a guiding principle for me throughout life. Wisdom... I would say Shemhazaj would get wisdom or if you want current players, probably burns. Power I believe would go to someone like Magohi or MRAlyon :3
  5. For the Mark of the beast. Hope this is satisfactory enough
  6. GONZIIIIIII!!! *TACKLE GLOMP* So nice to hear from you Need a bunch of item pictures. Wanna draw?
  7. So I have a bunch of items I wants pictures drawn for and coloured. Want to Hire the services of a decent artist for the same. Please PM me in forum if you think you have the required skill with a sample of your piece. We can discuss the rates after that. Also please know, if you succeed in satisfying me once with your pictures, I shall commission you in the futurel for other works as well... P.S. - Its such a pity Gonzi is not around.
  8. So here are my creatures: 1. A bony warthog, blind with wrinkled gray scaly skin, luring its prey with a red esca, with purple venom as any mucous secretion from the body, with sharp neon red teeth for tearing meat, apart from its twisted tusks and huge claws to rip apart the hearts of its prey. 2. A huge pale fox, smelling of meat to attract predators, with enormous red blood stained teeth and mamothy canines, with thick hairless skin resembling that of an anaconda to help camouflage in the trees, with a brain intensely clever to toy with the prey before making it a meal. soun
  9. I should really not interfere... But considering history... Thats really unlikely. Also, Maybe this topic can be closed? Or does anyone still see a problem here?
  10. Tooth jewellery Rotten banana peel Inflexible spring Nail grime Nickel Tray Plant fibres Sleeping Gnome How about 1g 5s?
  11. Somethings never change. Lololol... :''))
  12. hmm... Probably.. THere are very few contenders too... SO the awarding might not actually mean anything.... Edit: But it'd still good to keep the tradition alive. A reward for showing loyalty to the game when it actually needs it
  13. Will log on at 6pm server time at goe. Ethan ping me on yim too
  14. I shall not really participate in this event but: Adventuring Award: dst - We all know how she has persevered at quests this year. Prime Quest: Ungod - I cant really name one but all his quests had so much variety and were really out of the box. So choose any quest. Most improved player: Magohi - I saw him at day one. And I see him now. Champion FIghter: MRF - nuf said Helper of the year - MRF - helping newbies advance an mp is a great help after all. I kinda admire his mp3ness. :3 Most addicted: Mallos - Know how much he is addicted to MD personally
  15. Sorry.. got stuck with the thesis thingy.. -.- I just need a few more days. Will get all signatures by tomorrow and then I shall be free as the Wind!
  16. It's that time of the year already huh? So yeah. I can send up to 10 cards this year owing to finances and time. Following will recieve cards by default: Dst Jubba Burns Shemhazaj If anyonelse wants to exchange cards... Please pm me in the forum with your addresses
  17. Um.. give me till 1st please? I have this thesis thingy going on...
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