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  1. Revised the bids. Please let me know if there are any corrections.
  2. Please do not state bundle amounts. state what you would give for individual crits.
  3. You have to state which molima with Id no.
  4. As I promised, here's a List of creatures I am putting up for auction. only acceptable payment modes are COINS, CREDITS and Useable items. I shall deem the value of useable items when you put them up for offer. A crit will be deemed sold only when I say so. The Auction is open till then. Each token is worth 1 cred = 5silver coins.so please consider that while bidding. Rare Crits: Barren Soul - 11th anniversary Edition - 851574 - 669 days - 2gc 3s - Ungod Barren Soul - 11th anniversary Edition - 851577 - 669 days - 2g 10sc - Shemhazaj Barren Soul - 11th anniversary Edition - 85158
  5. hmmm.. since the value seems skewed... ima remove tsts from this auction... NO TSTS ALLOWED IN THIS AUCTION.
  6. @Chewett 1 TST was rewarded for every 100 dollars spent in the shop? So that's 100 creds I understand. But the way certain items were sold in TST only auctions.. people have spent up to 8 tsts. Doubt anyone would've paid 800 dollars for a single item.. so I went halfway and alloted it 50 creds.
  7. I agree with bsr. useable Items are of variable value. So I will tell you what value your item holds for me when you offer it. The rarer the function of the useable item the higher it'll be valued. Permanent items will be of more value compared to ones with limited number of uses. Needless to say one must be a permanent owner of the item. TST I would like to hold the value of 1 TST at 50 cred = 10gc. Is the community ok with this conversion?
  8. OK.. Lets deal with the easy one first. Crits sale on 25th of this month. Ima put up the Name, Crit ID, age and Tokens if any. Will be accepting Bids only in Coins, Credits, Usable Items. Will deal with the items some other time. Thats going to be a huge mess really >.>
  9. @Fang Archbane You specialise in death? And conduct D.E.A.D. classes? I hope that was sarcasm. Else it's insanely funny and kinda ridiculous... 😂
  10. Hmm.. His loyalty has been very... fickle. I wouldn't expect much if I were you @MRAlyon Oh well. Everything is fun.
  11. Sorry for not replying sooner. Yes I will sponsor a wish point. Just pm me on my forum account ungod. 👍👍
  12. if there are more than 5 participant.. i'll sponsor a wishpoint reward. That is if ungod is ok with it
  13. So, As the titel says, Which creature, according to you, is the most beautiful creature of them all? I vouch for the winderwild... THe grace, the elegance... Its a beautiful creature.
  14. I wouldnt have commented on this post at all, But since you mentioned Seal of Six... There is absolutely no need to post a formal apology letter on the forums because - the more you spill the more you lose (obvious ostrich :P). No one can forgive you or let your guilt (if you have any at all) slide away that easily unless you prove yourself by your actions. I think both Azull and dst have made that clear The number of times you have let people down... Surely it'll take more than an apology to get back on their positive pages... Surely you didnt think it'd be this easy? Whatever it is
  15. THis https://forums.adobe.com/message/9985636#9985636
  16. I was googling through flash issues... and experimenting stuff when I came to understand that both chrome and opera have these flash issues occasionally... A lot of solutions were given but only one worked. THere was something about going to the site engagements page and setting the Base to 100. I dont know what that means because it isnt as simple as cutting up people (:P) but it worked. MD works on opera now. For some reason... *raises hands*
  17. Mine still doesnt work... I would hate to switch to any other browser.. Opera is my favourite Browser.. Its really fast. And provides a lot of goodies. :|
  18. So as the topic says, MD flash is not all working on Opera. I have tried updating flash... reinstalling the browser, clearing cache, restart etc etc. MD seems to be working fine on my chrome, edge and firefox. Its just opera that is the problem. I tried searching for a similar topic in THis section. Couldnt find one. So here goes. Screenshot in the attatchment. PS: Flash seems to be working fine on rest of the websites while using opera. its just MD thats the problem.
  19. My FIrst helpers were stormrunner and Mcvitie >.> Later, I had a fresh start with the Account name NImrodel, I mostly ate grido's head back then. Because he was there in GG where the newb mp2s were spawning.
  20. I still have wish points. And will have gold coins.. will conduct quests whenever I have time
  21. So I am planning to empty majority of my Creature and Item inventory as I dont have much time to devote to MD. I feel the creatures and items i own would do better in the hands of people who are going to be more actively involved. So I plan to put up a credits/coins auction soon... in about a month or so... Maybe like a halloween event? Start saving guys... Because this is big. Almost all the contents in my inventory are going to be sold. So once again, START SAVING!
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