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  1. QUEST ENDS TOMORROW NIGHT AT 11.59 PM. After that there'll be voting. Please suit your entries by then!!
  2. edited a small part about the tools in the main post as it was reported to be confusing. Its in BOLD.
  3. Winners: 1st place: dst - was awarded a wishpoint 2nd place: Ledah: was awarded 3g 3rd place: MRPip and MRF - 1g each CONGRATULATIONS WINNERS!
  4. Updated Timings of conducting the tournament. If you are not able to make it due to some unforseen event Please let me know. We can try to make some arrangement. In all other cases I will wait upto 2 hours from the appointed time. If you cannot make it, You will automatically forfeit the tourney. I know it sounds harsh... But... time is a constraint :| @Aia del Mana PLease reply to the PM. Choose a time.
  5. reminder that the trivia is today at 8pm ST at the East Pub! See you there!
  6. OK.. THe Quest is extended to 24th April 11.59 pm ST
  7. Forgot to add: Please decide your dates and times and put them up here so that I can be there while you compete.
  8. Round List: So after randomisation and stuff I came to this : A. Bayek Vs Aia B. Mallos vs Jubaris C. Ledah vs New Player D. Ivorak vs Pipstickz E. dst vs Lintara F. A vs B G. D vs E H. C vs F I. H vs G. (Finale) So we need to finish this by 24th of this month. So that I can host the grand finale on 25th or 26th.. Whichever is more convenient. P.S. I understand That F has to face an extra round of combat than G. But that was also randomised coz I cannot find an alternative and it has to be like that :| Also updated this in
  9. OK.. Updated the final list of participants. Ima randomise the players and set a list of who is competing against who by tomorrow. No more registrations from now on.
  10. only 2 more days before the quest gets over. If there are no more entries... Ungod will win the 5g by default
  11. I will sponsor a wishpoint if there are 5 or more than 5 participants and the submissions are made public after the contest judgement is over.
  12. @MRWander http://magicduel.wikia.com/wiki/A_guide_to_MagicDuel
  13. 3 sorry. THat was a confusion. THought I had changed it. Will change it immediately
  14. So I have this avatar which previously belonged to Eden I think. Not sure.. I took it from the shop because I thought It'd be a nice change if i could use it during my queen of Sheba quests. But since I am not really that active anymore, I decided to Sell it off to the highest bidder. Here's a copy:
  15. PLease State your Player Name and ID with which you plan to Enter this quest
  16. MD Trivia has been a part of MD Festival Tradition since a long time. So I will be conducting MD trivia on 21st evening 8pm Server time in game in the Pub in the East. Anyone can participate. No need for registration. This was just an announcement of sorts. The rewards will be a wishpoint for the first place, 3g for the second place. PLushies and Annies sponsorship as the TKs see fit. See you then!
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