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  1. -stab--stab--stab--stab--stab--stab--stab- Congratulations! You are officially dead.. :P

  2. One of my best friends... A Really good friend..

  3. Thank you very much! It was great! ^^

  4. -sets your favourite clothes and shoes on fire and laughs insanely-

  5. -.- *burns her wolf costume and runs away shouting like a maniac into the forests of LR*

  6. -growls- i'l eat you alive!

  7. -kicks marv- Shoo!

  8. O.o holy! Your birthday is same as mine!

  9. Love you.. Muuah..

  10. *blush* me is straight..

  11. Ooh! Ecli and jura! But jura is blue rite? Maybe the other one is dark guard..

  12. *Worships and becomes a miniature colin creevey*

  13. Here's a nice friendly hug! *hug*

  14. O.o I will be assimilated? But I am already 1 piece. MWAHAHAHAHA

  15. Spam partner! XD Just kidding.. Well he does post in every single one of my silly stupid thread! Really like him for that! My favourite moderator!

  16. Argueing with you is fun.. When i am bored.. The argument never ends. XD

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