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  1. On 1/10/2020 at 3:21 AM, Chewett said:

    Having reviewed these I find these responses as the following places, being the most well thought out and considered:

    First place - @Aia del Mana
    Second place - @Vicious
    Third place - @Nimrodel

    In a slight change of plans, the rewards are as follows, each winner may select one from the following list. However each option can only be chosen once so once chosen it is gone.

    Wiiya Bubble Weaver
    3 Gold
    1 Wishpoint
    1 Gold

    Whoa.. so i just saw this... Thank you for rewarding me with third place :)

  2. Wiiya is probably that part of Awiiya that can be only understood by a certain sect of creatures (keeping in mind awiiya's complex behaviour and thoughts). Since grasans are mindless beings, they find it hard to deal with the presence of the gas and probably cannot tolerate it's presence :P. Those that try to get rid of it by inhaling, get flatulence and fart toxic gas or get constipated to release ferment. Those that try not to Inhale it get a cutaneous allergic reaction and shed skin rapidly. A very few section of grasans, like the microbes resistant to antibiotics, avoid the horrible side effects by converting it into more fat and shedding it. They are the ones, who despite being mentally challenged, who have survived as the fittest genotype amongst other grasans.

    Awiiya's thought process is probably so complex (seeing the designs of the items used to harvest it) that even though it is not toxic to other creatures like the players in MD, we still need it to go through mindless creatures like grasans for it to break down into simpler forms and for us to enjoy its benefits.

    Says a great deal about what awiiya. :3

  3. I do not have time to conduct a quest or design a new scene. But I still want to participate in at least one quest, for old times sake.

    This picture is years old, designed by me for a Christmas scene decoration quest, one of the five or six scenes I designed for that quest. I liked another picture and therefore chose that one for submission. However, nothing in the world can match the strong feeling of nostalgia I get when I see this pic, the hours of labour it took me to create this one tiny frame, paint, erase and repeat, paint, erase and repeat, I even used to get headaches due to spending hours in front of my laptop... The sole purpose of it being wanting to win the best questor award at the end of the year. Beating dst at what she was incredible at, seemed like a badge of pride to wear during those days. Still is.

    All of it began in this paper cabin as Esmerelda. The funny part is, after I finally understood what I wanted to do in this game, I created a new character named Nimrodel, as you know me now, and I didn't start the game in Paper cabin at all! Mp2 testing was going on, and I started the game in golemus, at wraith's wreck if I remember correctly, ate Grido's brains asking too many questions, stumbled upon some super secret golemus meeting which I remember nothing about (all I remember is they kicked me out respectfully asap). And after that began my journey as Nim to the person you know me as on today.

    I may not have been there for all the 14 years of MD, but every single day that I get to experience this... Phenomenon, is a new lesson, a new experience in its own.

    Here's hoping to be able to spare more time in the near future, Happy Birthday MagicDuel. Wish you many many more to come... :)


  4. 1 hour ago, Josephine said:

    Thank you for the interest in my quest, Nimrodel, but I will have to respectfully decline your offer.

    Please come and speak to me or message me in MD if you wish to speak further regarding this.

    Could any who are treasure keepers or act in their stead please message me, as I would like to speak to them, thank you.

    Nope. Nothing more to add... I understand if you don't want sponsorship. Let me know by pm if you change your mind...

  5. Sponsorship from my side provided Josephine agrees to it:

    1 Wish point to be rewarded as Josephine/Judges see fit.

    1 Wish point to be rewarded to the First person to submit a working Robotic Golem with pics/videos of plans, constituents and building it from scratch. (Should have MAgicduel in it somewhere of course)

  6. 14 minutes ago, Mallos said:

    I have a similar issue, certain creatures with a broken token applied to them are not loading on the HTML 5 creature page (loads on flash) as seen:

    1.jpg.c680b384b7adc0fed45fbc4456f38210.jpg firefox browser

    These broken [] tokens were applied with gelled tokens, and I have several creatures that have this issue currently. The tokens have no effects in battle.

    The crits without any tokens were also invisible in my case.

  7. I cant see any of the mini pics of my creatures in my crit inventory only on the HTML page. Its very clear on the Flash interface (except for the christmas gift 2018 which is stuck on loading creature). I tried refreshing, restarting, clearing Cache, changing browsers from opera to Firefox. But couldnt find an alternative. I even updated my flash (even though i dont think it has anything to do with flash). Using windows. Here's a pic:


    HTML crit page bug.JPG

  8. 1 hour ago, Blackshade Rider said:

    Ill rent you my heat solidifier freely if you let me have a few of the stones you make. 

    I would love to take up that offer.... Will pm you date and time for the whole thing soon.


    P.S. This deal is still open. Interested parties can pm me their offers

  9. @Chewett I was already given the spell doc for this quest to reward people. The quest is currently on hold because of my inability to stay active. The first part of the quest is a clickey quest. And a bunch of people of people had issues with solving it, requiring my constant assistance. The second part is a written quest. I think 1 or 2 people solved it in entirety And were awarded the spell docs. I am trying to find an alternative to both the parts to make it easier for people and me... In a way such that my constant presence will not be required. But.. something along the terms of how I want the quest to be solved has been difficult to create. I will need time.. 😐

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