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  1. Some people can't understand humour or sarcasm even if either were dancing in front of them wearing nothing but Dobby's tea cosy. Yes Pip. You included :P

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    2. Nimrodel


      I do not mind the PL entry. A small portion of people have had negative stuff to say about me in the PL over my course of MD. If I minded what every tom, dick or Harry had to say, it's have been a difficult situation. I am not a part of some popularity contest like you seem to be in. It was a polite, funny reference from the Harry Potter books (I am sure fans will agree by remembering that line made by one of the weasley twins in regard to Prefect Percy).

      In fact, you seem to be the one with a greater problem about my forum status as you and your 'lackey' clearly seem to have lost it over it. Maybe you should be the one to come over with humility in hand and not on face asking me to remove it? But no... Instead of coming to me, you chose to blow this up out of proportions because I guess any sort of publicity is good, even cheap negative publicity haha. Clearly something that you have been craving recently from seeing all the banter in your recent forum posts.

      Good luck being a king. Clearly diplomacy is not your forte. You should start learning from people like Miq, Azull, Lintara and Sunfire how to handle a kingship before you think of trying to be one.

    3. Pipstickz


      Message received: "Nim can say whatever she wants about Pip, but when Pip starts talking about/responding to Nim it's a problem"

    4. Nimrodel


      The message you should be receiving is 'Nim isn't the first person to say something like that to me recently. What if something is actually wrong in this scenario?' Haha... But that's the constructive pathway. Very few people take that.

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