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  1. I miss the bickering and banter and the gossip on the forums.. dst! hurry with your blog entries >:3

    1. Ary Endleg

      Ary Endleg

      No need! Forum is alive! It's alive!

    2. Nimrodel


      Honestly, it was aliver when people had something to fight for and against :p no matter how much people gripe and claim to hate gossip and arguments, they never stop reading them :3

    3. Ary Endleg

      Ary Endleg

      We are the Death Guard! No foe can oppose us! Nothing can stop our march! Fear us lest you shall perish!...

      ... and so their foes have chosen to calm down and pull back from hopeless fight. That was the beginning of peaceful forums. But then one day... Mur made an announcement and peace ended. It was foretold that in such times the Void master and Peacekeeper shall return to restore the balance and put an end to MB and GG constant aggressions. Enabling Death Guard t...

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