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    Sharpwind reacted to Fenrir Greycloth in Death Ray   
    Read what Mur wrote.

    Specifics doesn't matter. He did what he did, and now he is being punished.
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    Sharpwind reacted to redneck in Death Ray   
    wait what did he do?
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    Sharpwind reacted to Fenrir Greycloth in Offensive Language   
    All three cases are single uses, and isn't directed at him. Ie calling him a little f*** head. It's a case of interjectng the word in a sentence.

    Edit: Juniors response was a bit bad, but still nothing to be pissed about. He was being stupid, and thus got a stupid answer.
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    Sharpwind reacted to Kamisha in Offensive Language   
    I will say this on this matter you don't want to make it a case so wrong section also considering this I don't this will go anywhere and if it does maybe a day in jail for him. No matter the reasoning I think this is anything but a minor case which wont likely happen again. I find this trivial and almost not worth posting for. I'm not trying to be mean or make a personal attack I am simply stating the obvious.
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    Sharpwind reacted to Pipstickz in Offensive Language   
    [quote name='Fenrir Greycloth' date='04 June 2010 - 04:24 PM' timestamp='1275690284' post='61046']
    We are all adults here
    No, not everybody.
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    Sharpwind reacted to aaront222 in Offensive Language   
    Wizard of heaven-
    2 screenshotse

    1 screenshot
    (Note: Junior wanted to buy my item. I offered the most unreasonable deal possible. He said somehting along the lines of-
    Do you want Mur's passowrd too?
    My response-
    I was thinking about adding that.... (pure sarcasm)
    I do not wish to make this a trial.

    EDIT:Added more videnceb for WOH
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    Sharpwind reacted to Fenrir Greycloth in Offensive Language   
    Honestly, who cares? We are all adults here, sure, swearing like a soldier/sailor is not acceptable, but a few curse words, as long as they are not just... you know, swearing out of anger, or pure flaming should be acceptable.
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    Sharpwind reacted to Fenrir Greycloth in Offensive Language   
    If someone is honestly bothered by swearing. Has actual problems, with real reasons, please I would like to know them.

    I mean, they are just words. Nothing more. Not sure how they can harm someone if they are swearing casually. If they are flaming at you, that's not okay, but if it's just someone saying an occasional word or two. What's the problem
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    Sharpwind reacted to Prince Marvolo in Announcement – Alliance Cleanup   
    Hereby I want to give my reasoning and information according to the Total Cleanup* of the Savelites Church Alliance.

    1. I want to make a whole new fresh start. I think that is understandable and reasonable.

    2. When I became leader, I had sent a PM** to All Savelites, cointaining by ideas, plans for the future, and some things that needed to be enlightened a bit.
    Goldfinger Earthicus left after talking to me. And I Respect and Understand his decision.
    The other Savelites Decided to stay – so I make from that that they were ok with me and my decisions.
    This leads to 3:

    3. I have sent a second PM**, asking all Savelites to make a little project, related to the Church (Etc etc, that doesnt matter right now) and only 1 bothered to respond 1!
    That leads to 4:

    4. What can I possibly do with people who dont even bother to reply to a PM?
    I dont want to blame/accuse/flame (whatever) the Savelites with this. But these are just my observations.
    You dont bother to do something? Then please leave?
    If you are away, Ofc that is possible! But let me know?

    5. I do not WANT to do this, I do not LIKE to do this, I don’t want to be this evil Dictator, kicking everyone, etc etc. But to keep some order and clarity, It is necessary.

    6. I Did discuss this with other people, and based upon their feedback I made my decision.

    *Removing all Members from the Alliance.
    ** All Savelites have read it.

    This topic will be closed, to avoid any forum rants/flamings/etc.
    If anyone has problems with this, send me a forum PM / in game PM

    Any attempts to contact me via threads Will Be Ignored.
    I hope you understand this.

    Removed members can of course come back.
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    Sharpwind got a reaction from Kyphis the Bard in Linking Players   
    It's quite interesting as an idea Laphers

    But maybe only same mp level players should be able to link and while in the link have some of their creatures bind by the link (depending on the type of link)

    (For example choosing type of linking 2,3 or 6 players (for group battles)

    So in a link of 2 players each chooses 3 creatures , in 3 players - 2 creatures and in 6 - 1

    If all three creatures get to zero vitality the link breaks... but so a six player link would be very hard to keep)

    Edit: How about if ever implemented making it available only for mp5 ? (so that more people try to advance to mp5)

    Well anyway I think your idea has potential both for rp and battle
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    Sharpwind reacted to Laphers in Linking Players   
    Please tell me what you think of this.

    [b]Link players [/b]
    - Allow players to link with 1 other player and lead them through game locations.
    - Encourages game interaction between players
    - Lead player will be the player that initiates the link. Linkee must accept the link. Either player can break the link at any time. No cost to initiate or accept. Both players will lose action points as they travel. If either player doesn't have enough action points, neither player will move.
    - Can help in RP as players can lead one another around to new locations (locations use the link initiator's allowable locations).
    - stats are averaged for travel (briskness, energetic immunity, luck), rewards are shared equally(VP & Heat).
    - Can change the combat engine
    - Linked players can not initiate combat. When linked players are attacked, the lowest mp level is automatically the defender. For the same mp level, Slots 1-3 are from the linker and 4-6 from the linkee; pray power is automatically 50%, used ve & stats are averaged to be used. Rewards are shared equally.
    - Linking is disabled during HC
    - Torchbearers can not link
    - Timed boosters from shop are disabled while linked.

    - Alliance boosts and fight timers should be discussed.

    Some things of interest (good and bad):

    Could contribute to spoilers (Necrovion, Champion's Challenge, etc),
    Labyrinth could be defeated (Players could also help players out of Labyrinth without typing directions in chat),
    Could create new defence rituals by joining players' forces
    Could create new RP chase games
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    Sharpwind got a reaction from Sparrhawk in Killing In The Name Of......?   
    [quote name='awiiya' date='16 June 2010 - 02:47 AM' timestamp='1276652867' post='61969']

    [b]It is within my power, and so I feel no guilt, and so perhaps I am deserving of their criticism. However, I still hold that if someone is given the power to enforce their actions, it is not in poor "manners" to act on their desires without asking. [/b]


    I feel like you just said what all the politicians at least in my country truly think

    It is true that with great power comes great corruption... (even with little power...)

    Should we ask for responsibility to come with power ? (I hope so ...)
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    Sharpwind reacted to pamplemousse in Killing In The Name Of......?   
    I'm not going to argue semantics or deconstruct posts here, but I do wish to clarify just a few points that I believe might not be completely clear.

    [u]Dusty:[/u] Yes, I do believe there should be consequences. As I have stated previously, with action comes responsibility. As I have stated previously, I take responsibly. What does that mean? Well, nothing really. I can take responsibility all I want, but if there are no consequence it's just words.

    I think that items like this should come with a huge penalty for using them and you are all correct when you say that there are none (however this is a Mur scripted item, not a player scripted one). Tactics like the "murder" should have drastic outcomes and should not be taken lightly, and, again this is part of my point.

    [u]Firs:[/u] "Perhaps had you spoken to Jester about it beforehand, that could have been avoided."
    How do you know that I did not?

    The Knife cannot be transferred to anyone else, so there is no way "possible that it could end up in somebody elses hands." Also, I had no knowledge of a revive spell, or knowledge of anyone who might. I did know that on the 8th she would be resurrected, but I never willingly kept information about that a secret.

    "Regardless, the item is there and it seems that there are no consequences for using it. That, surely has to be a cause for concern?"

    YES! Be concerned, I was beginning to worry because everyone was so [b]unconcerned![/b]

    I look forward to what will happen.
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    Sharpwind reacted to (Zl-eye-f)-nea in Killing In The Name Of......?   
    Well to be honest, one of the repercussions I was talking about is already underway. The punishment will be on the shoulders of the land leaders and the community. I don't think there is much point trying to put a proper punishment on someone for not getting consent etc as that is all far too dubious no? I think sharpwind makes a fair point on it though.

    The people had lots of other ways of going about reviving Mya - but none of them could be bothered, thats the fact of it. Is that because they knew about torch and so were lazy? Is it because people are scared of trying different things to see if they work in case they look silly when some fail? Is it because they just really didnt care because it wasnt them that was dead? I don't know, only they could answer that.

    Firs's only choice, without pample's consent not to move, was to jail her (guards etc are irrelivant, who has enough movelock spells for a whole night?). As far as I know kings have some pretty heavy handcuffs on in terms of what they can do and how, and this would come under the no go category. Other than that the only course of action is to start a war or start political talks with Jester. Most land leaders want to avoid war, and as far as I know firs is taking some actions as he has mentionned in several posts - what they are, well I guess its wait and see time.

    This whole thing looks kinda fishy to me now the more i think about it...

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    Sharpwind got a reaction from (Zl-eye-f)-nea in Killing In The Name Of......?   
    [quote name='awiiya' date='16 June 2010 - 02:47 AM' timestamp='1276652867' post='61969']

    [b]It is within my power, and so I feel no guilt, and so perhaps I am deserving of their criticism. However, I still hold that if someone is given the power to enforce their actions, it is not in poor "manners" to act on their desires without asking. [/b]


    I feel like you just said what all the politicians at least in my country truly think

    It is true that with great power comes great corruption... (even with little power...)

    Should we ask for responsibility to come with power ? (I hope so ...)
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    Sharpwind reacted to Yrthilian in Killing In The Name Of......?   
    Umm this argument is starting to turn into an attack
    on not having guilds again. Can we please keep this on topic

    The fact is an event was planed.
    a murder was commited but since some people were not informed of this
    chaos eroupted. The fact is the people involved relied on the TC to fix
    something they did.

    Now the fact is if TC was not run Mya would still be dead.
    as the people involve had NO other way of reviving Mya.
    it is only chance that the TC is still working that mya could come back
    if TC was changed then what. Thoes people that organised the even would have
    destroyed a player.

    Ok now the issue of informing people. The person involved AS THIS WAS A QUEST
    should have been asked about this. I dont care what? why? or how? the fact remains
    that they should have. It is only common curtisy for an in game event.

    You cannot compair EVERY thing in MD to RL. GET over it people MD is NOT RL
    and some thing that happen should be concidered. This stupid back and forth fighting
    and people trying to bring in other argument that have no INVOLVMENT in this particular

    We all know the king done know everything that is going on in their realms
    but i am sure if you wish them to that there is a way but then every one would moan that
    the kingship is hunting players down and punishing them. Get over that fact.
    Also time is an issue with event beeing run. Most of this particular even was run in a diffrent
    time zone ans we know the pain that causes.

    So first stop acting like children and have a decent discussion about the even in question
    and stop trying to stab at the other issue already in discussion. If you are anoyed that you
    RL friend or even in game friend got punished for crap then use the topic involved in that.

    right now that is my rant over for now
    so peopel have a proper discussion in the topic
    and STAY on topic.
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    Sharpwind reacted to awiiya in Killing In The Name Of......?   
    What you seem to be suggesting is that we of the community, when doing anything, must ask anybody who will be affected by the action before acting.

    Examples: Before killing someone, you must make sure they know something is happening. Before tying them down, make sure to say *tries to tie down personx*.

    I agree that in the case of something "imaginary" (lacking in-game support) it is necessary and polite to make sure that all parties in an action are in agreement. If I were to cast a spell I didn't have on somebody, I would make sure that they were going to play along before I did it.

    In the case of a game mechanic, such as spells, items, etc, I think it is perfectly acceptable for someone to act without the permission of another. We jail people without asking them whether they want to be jailed, and I think it's fine to kill them without asking as well. If the game gives you the power to do something then everybody else has to abide by that. The only set of rules we ALL have to obey are the ones that are hard coded. The social rules, which is the majority of roleplay, are best left to group consensus.

    I've been criticized before for casting a GoE spell on someone without asking, and people have called me rude for doing so. It is within my power, and so I feel no guilt, and so perhaps I am deserving of their criticism. However, I still hold that if someone is given the power to enforce their actions, it is not in poor "manners" to act on their desires without asking.

    That is what this conversation boils down to: what is the proper etiquette of roleplaying? In my case, I do not think casting spells without asking is rude. I do think that using asterisks to perform actions that are not hardcoded is rude. That is a line I draw, though I can see how you would draw a vastly different line. I will maintain my belief, whether or not it is considered rude.

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    Sharpwind reacted to (Zl-eye-f)-nea in Killing In The Name Of......?   
    My post isn't to personally criticise you, let me underline that as it seems...almost...like you took it that way. My talk of realism etc is only to discuss the objections that were raised originally. [i]"I was--and remain--far, far less worried about pleasing people who are fundamentally opposed to roleplay, or people who will roleplay anything whatsoever when they are bored"[/i] This covers 100% of MD players, including yourself, so I don't really get your point there? From your last statement it seems to be that you won't bow to a particular group suggesting something isn't right? well ok sure but I don't think a discussion is bowing to anyone but more a willingness to see different points. Scope wise...I've had to get consent from a lot of people for story things before, it's really not difficult. What I'm saying is, the story set a precident, a precident that could have very bad consequences that a number of people appear to be blind to or just really couldn't give a damn about so long as they get their way. Maybe its boredom, I don't know.

    To suggest we cannot question the validity of the mechanics of the game is to fail to grasp the months and years you have spent playing it. You know as well as I do everything is up for debate and discussion - and even change. Falling back on well the game allows it so its ok really doesn't cut it. The reason I bring this up isn't about role play etiquette, it's about conflict management. Casting a spell you have is one thing, even casting a kill spell you have would be totally different to this situation. Sorry if this sounds curt - but I assume I don't have to explain why.

    Let me make what I said cleaner cut:

    The situation set a precident for item scripting, I don't think the precident is ok for the following reasons: Firstly, it means anyone can kill anyone without warning for any reason (or lack of) they like. Secondly, the victim has 0 control over that.

    If you cannot see how that is going to cause trouble then you will silence me with ease, as I will be lost for words.

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    Sharpwind got a reaction from Kyphis the Bard in Decree Of The King Regarding Rhaegar   
    A King falls when
    the Kingdom falls(enemy kingdom wins the war),
    or the majority of people start a rebellion (not a minority),
    or steps down and a new one is elected

    Until that his rule is absolute and I haven't heard of a King dueling every citizen that disagrees with any decision he makes

    My point is ... what you(Rhaegar) propose is not reasonable...

    if you want to oppose a King you have two choices
    either make the majority of citizens rebel against him (not the case here)
    or join another Kingdom in the hopes of it helping you achieve your goals (but it looks a bit like treason)

    just my thoughts on the matter...
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    Sharpwind reacted to Muratus del Mur in Decree Of The King Regarding Rhaegar   
    Do you really think that each time a citizen gets excommunicated from his land, he should be able to call for new elections? Where is the authority of the king then? I won't randomly allow people challenge the king, they need to get enough supporters for that to happen. A king will be challenged only if his throne becomes a danger to his land, not to an individual. The moment a king will be afraid to apply his laws in his land, that moment he will become a puppet, and puppet kings are much worse than riots.
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    Sharpwind reacted to Burns in Decree Of The King Regarding Rhaegar   
    Nelson Mandela was in prison for 27 years.
    They'd have let him out after 21 years if he had given up his fight.

    How long can you stand for your principles?

    Mandela had to wait for the old government to die out, and needed support from Fred de Klerk to get anything done at all, before that he was captured as a terrorist, basically.

    Whom of the powerful can you gather for your cause?

    A revolution isn't carried by force, or a simple majority. What it takes is authority.
    French revolution: 95% of all were poor peasants and wanted revolution in the early 1700s, they had to wait til 1789 for the priests to join them, from there onwards things ran.
    American Revolution: All 13 states had been running independance movements since 1765, but only after the first national congress in 1774 there was enough authority to support an indepence war.
    March Revolution: Working Class AND students were rebelling since 1815, but only when they joined forces in 1848 they gathered momentum.

    A single group doesn't make a revolution, ragardless of how big they are. Not even many groups that fight seperately make a revolution.
    Revolution is the result of many groups working for one target. They don't need to be powerful for that, they just need a will, and enough visionaries so that executing 20 leaders would only result in 40 new leaders. Mandela had all the world supporting him, even.

    While there's a single rouge group of three people, they are terrorists, much like No one and Lightsage in GGG. When they have enough support from another group to move things, they are heroes.

    Where's your support, terrorists?

    <Yep, it is, Dari. You may calm things down your way, i prefer to provoke brain activity.>
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    Sharpwind reacted to Firsanthalas in Decree Of The King Regarding Rhaegar   
    Err...you are completely missing the point. Unless there is a majority of people that want me to step down, then I am king. You are simply acting like a rabble rouser and malcontent. The notion of a king conceding to duel with everyone that doesn't agree with them is ridiculous.
    You are in no position to make ultimatums or threats. You can go and try to take the throne by force, but all that will be is an unlawful coup and will have no meaning. You are going against the law of the land and the will of the people. I will step down if that is the wish of the people. I am beholden to them, not to you or any other malcontents and trouble makers.
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    Sharpwind got a reaction from apophys in Stop Ggg   
    hmmm..... well it's been quite some time since I posted on the forum but today I'll make an exception

    Firstly let's just say I don't like the GGG nor have I ever trained there (I don't have the patience nor time for such methodical stat grinding)

    BUT I can see why some people use it, they like MD and they want to be able at some point to be strong enough to survive it....
    (they were perhaps bored getting wasted by almighty vets and running from sanctuary to sanctuary and saw this as the only alternative besides giving up md.
    Let's face it... everyone plays to win, if one loses all the time he gets bored and leaves...)

    AND I don't like the way you try to destroy it (by force) nor your reasons (I don't believe you offer an alternative for the future of MD...
    Sorry but It looks like it's mostly for your own satisfaction, or gain, or perhaps just out of boredom...)

    In any case I believe MD needs a change... and I tried several times to propose different paths to make MD more interesting... perhaps not always good but always in democratic ways (polls) and with MD's best interest in mind (I can offer only my word as a proof of that)
    Ways such as the wilderness areas and adding games as interaction between players... (new ideas thread)

    My point is... propose new ways don't destroy something, some people like without an alternative, just because you can...
    create something better and people will come on their own

    That's all

    Have fun
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    Sharpwind reacted to CrazyMike in Death Ray   
    I am sad that Death Ray is in jail, but if he needs to cool off, and sort out his priorities, maybe a short stint will do him good in there.

    I hope everyone would not pour slat on his wound.

    He has not been on his best behaviour, and I will not justify his actions, but he is my adept, and I am responsible for him.

    I apologize to Mur and everyone he has offended as he has a sense of humor that requires a strecth of imagination to see the humor in it.

    Again, my apologies.
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    Sharpwind reacted to Muratus del Mur in Granos Screwed Me Too   
    I believed he refered to the trial of JacoAnd & Granos, not a trial about his creature. Anyway, you are taking all this way to far. My mistake was that i assumed Granos had the entire CTC, that was wrong. In case there was proof he had it, cutler could lose his creature because he might be considered accomplice to granos crime. However, its not at all the purpose of it trial to pursue leads to incriminate cutler, in fact i consider now too that he is just a victim of this. (@C regardless that i know everything about that particular creature)

    Now, regarding what i read above with a "trial against mur". Let me make it simple for you because it seems to me that democracy has gotten to far. There are no trials against me. Consider it law. If i do mistakes i am not doing them on purpose and for my mistakes or bad decisions entire md has to suffer, so let me care about my missjudges first, because none of you care about md more than i do (no offence). You are ALWAYS welcome to share your opinion and complain, tell me you do not aprove to what i do, be open. I never punished someone for talking open to me. Keep it polite and respectful, its not for my ego its for the respect that i give you back by trying to be open minded about complains i might not always agree to.

    Should I add it in the rules, or its self understood?
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