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  1. Hmm... I'm not really sure what I should explain and why (though I guess it seems my post was not clear enough for most) It was never my intention to offended any of you, nor was it to tell you what you expect to hear As I said before this is how I feel, some understand others don't Should I have posted how I felt and why ? That was exactly what I was thinking at the time... !
  2. If a new player has an idea, or a complaint and he's trying to participate by posting it because he is excited or annoyed and sees a thread there for that exact reason He gets mostly irony and negative criticism as an answer (from the same people) I constantly read similar comments in the forum: you should know (the rules are somewhere in the chaos called announcements), we can do anything we like (as we've been given god powers you will never have and you can't do anything about it), only our ideas can get implemented (because we waited long enough??), you have to prove yourself first (?
  3. [quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1290747654' post='73271'] I dislike the percentage idea, it does not accurately represent differing opinions and such within a group of people. The only thing I can think of at this time would be for rebels to choose a candidate for kingship that they support upon becoming a rebel; if every new rebel chooses themself, nothing happens, because all rebels need to accept their candidate's rules, direction, etc. Of course, that does still make it possible for generalization of the many opinions, but Iunno. [/quote] So what you're saying is to have the optio
  4. hmm perhaps it would be enough if every citizen of a land could see the percentage of rebellious people in his land So then one could bring the subject for discussion if the % is high enough (for example over 65%) and propose alternatives in the foroum
  5. I'm having problem voting with http://www.topgamelisting.com/index.php?do=votes&id=279 It says server not found
  6. I love the new auras ! I can finally take down some enemy drachs keep up the good work
  7. I think it sounds interesting! But I think it should only be one day a month How about calling it [b]day of hostility[/b] ?
  8. @ The Great Wanderer Thanks for your criticism, it helps a lot I'll do some adjustments in the stats and the age
  9. [quote name='lightsage' timestamp='1282592550' post='66927'] Not exactly... This creature would be useless in combat, right? So, the tokenuser would have the advantage of a higher percentage of stats or more creatures... Not the same but an advantage nonetheless. [/quote] Indeed it is useless in combat and also unpredictable in low levels cause it nulifies both friendly and enemy tokens only as an elder Xal it can target only the enemy
  10. [quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1281948192' post='66307'] It's a Water Daemon/Elemental with freeze influence that lasts one round instead of the whole fight, and more stats than usual. Also, no creature targets single, there's dying, random, weak creatures, etc. [/quote] Sorry, with single I meant random Yes that's about it, do you think it's overpowered ?
  11. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1282557310' post='66865'] An aura wont help because tokens are applied BEFORE Auras'. Are you suggesting that this aura then undoe's what the token effect has previously done? Sounds tricky to me. [/quote] Could there be a check before applying the tokens if there is such an aura, or simply applying this specific aura before the tokens ? [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1282557310' post='66865'] How powerful will the aura be? will it nullify all tokens? if so that seems a bit much to remove all the things people have paid for. [/quote] A creature that
  12. [quote name='Novato' timestamp='1281995474' post='66344'] I have just 2 creatures with tokens, yet. But in my opinion stop all tokens effects of all enemy creatures is VERY powerfull and unfair with the people who spend credits with it. By another hand, stop all tokens effects of just one creature is VERY useless. Maybe, you should keep your ideai with multiple targets, in low level dispel magic effect (dispel freeze, protect etc) or dispel token effect, in maximum level dispel both effects, but always with multiple targets. [/quote] I 'll prepare and post an alternative edition of the xal
  13. beautiful drawings very good for avatars
  14. I don't think it's so bad being the adept of someone but... You can always create an alternate account and make your main the adept of your alt (It doesn't benefit your main so it's not abuse and you'll feel free)
  15. [quote name='Grido' date='16 August 2010 - 07:19 PM' timestamp='1281982792' post='66331'] Aside from that naming the max level of "Mad Thorn" would cause confusion with "Madhorn" of the Drach [/quote] Though I like the name it can easily be changed to something like [b]Voracious Creeper[/b]
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