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  1. cool item and great artwork North (as always) I like Bunny's idea about cursed items
  2. [u]Item:[/u] [b]Drachorn tusk[/b] [u]Description:[/u] A tusk of the fabled creature drachorn. Sharp and pointy… Ouch! [u]Uses:[/u] 2-3times/week I was thinking one of the three (whichever is more reasonable) 1) [b]drachorn aura:[/b] give the player or a creature the aura of a drachorn ([u]duration:[/u] 6 hours) 2) [b]drachorn boost:[/b] give a creature an attack boost ([u]duration:[/u] 6 hours) 3) [b]drachorn sense:[/b] being able to sense how many drachorns an opponent has on his def ritual ([u]duration:[/u] 12 hours)
  3. Destiny: A tyrant's authority for crime and a fool's excuse for failure (Ambrose Bierce)

  4. What can i say..great RPing and an excellent player overall..It is not by chance that i am your adept..Keep up the good work my friend.

  5. Incredible drawing abilities, smart player and a good friend...

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