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  1. I would gladly join the translation team to translate it to portuguese, the problem is that i cant find the topic to sign in. Could someone transfer this post to there plz??? Get to go right now, ty.
  2. Srry Mur, but i think u mis understood me. MTG is a TCG(Trading Card Game), meaning they are centered mostly on the selling of many expansions, for the industry. Wut im trying to make is a Card Game, like a card game played for the pure strategy thing and not to make the community bigger. Could u plz at least give me a shot to try to do this? I played MTG for many years, and i know the gameplay and strategy, and i ensure u that im not making a copy but geting a total newu concept from it. Would u give me a shot? If u give me some time i could show u some of the work really fast, and on
  3. i meant about strategies, but here we go. As Im trying to build a card game with no expansions the game wont be centered about creatures but really the player itself. (as it is known that the creatures are a modification and a personality of the player that is in constant change(both). The concept of the game will be the principles. Using all the 10 of them every card will be divided as a principle, hving a set ammount of them in the entire pack. As in the real game u often trade the force of ur creatures for a better profile, the game tries to copy that ever changing concept. Both pl
  4. Sure, if thats ok and im really ABLE to do it.... I would gladly explain more, the problem is that i would like to explain to a close set of ppl so i dont give away the game entirely, anyway i can contact you or would u be signing in to be part of that group?
  5. I hv seen the topic in-game about the MD Offline Board Game, and I was thinking about a REAL CARD GAME (NO TCG, meaning no expansions) hopefully taking the meaning of the game into cards... I already hv some ideas and would like to continue this work, BUT i have to ask you to see if its ok. If u agree, i can show you the game when its done so you can post it in-game. But as i wouldnt like to make a game without geting the concept and the strategy of the game (i.e:the principles),could i ask u some questions about the game and his concepts and maybe organize a group for doing this game as
  6. [quote name='Burns' post='32519' date='Jun 1 2009, 02:28 PM']of course you should try to level them to max, but it's not like the cap was designed to keep your creatures low... and they don't level up endlessly anyway, most creatures have between 3 and 6 levels ;-) just make sure that you keep them out of your fights when the need neither xp nor wins, and you'll be more than fine even when you use all 16 creatures (if you take the time to wait for the age requirements, those are huge) ^^[/quote] BUT WHY WOULD I LVL MY CREATURES IF IT ISNT TO USE THEM ON THE FIGHT?!?!
  7. and yes, leveling up just about everythign you can get a hold of is the best thing you can do on mp3, you need to learn about crits and rituals before you can make strategies and don't try for mp3-HC on your first account, that will give you nothing but frustration XD [/quote] but wont leveling every crit i get by random clicks be a waste of xp too? shouldnt i get like 3 aramors and 3 archers and then level them to the max?(are those crits good?)
  8. [quote name='Burns' post='32513' date='Jun 1 2009, 12:56 PM']you can have 16 creatures, so get 4 of every kind and experiment with them, that's how it's done on mp3 :lol: however, i'd suggest that you try to ONLY JUST upgrade them, so better not use one of your creatures in almost every combat, that how people waste xp on lower levels and then wonder why they are weak... and you'll need to find the tricks of xp-decreasing, the real precious tricks are strong enough to create HC-winners and are neither for free nor for public forums ;-)[/quote] Could u explain the first and second part,
  9. Meaning if i screw my char up on the begining, like geting mp cap and low lvl creatures and things like that, losing my money, low stat/principles. Will i be able to fix later on the game? like if i screw mp3 and mp4 can i fix on mp5 and mp6? And is mp2 related to ur char or EVERYTHING is an illusion?
  10. so ur saying just to focus on 6 creatures(1 ritual)? would be 3 aramors and 3 archers a good base? and wut are the other methods to decrease xp? thx to tell me i cant be a random creature owner-guy...
  11. So u mean that whenever u hit the cap xp u need to sac ur creatures to decrease ur xp, right? but the rate of xp decreased is less than 1 for xp on creature, right? so if the cap is 10k and u hv a creature with 5k u sac it and gain more 2.5k to put on other creatures. BUT THE UPGRADED CREATURE WILL HV LESS XP THAN THE PREVIOUS CREATURE THAT U HAD. Can someone explain the logic behind this plz? Should i get random creatures and lvl them as i want or should i get some of them that i really want and stick with them? PS:and are archers good? tyvm
  12. has it been resolved? and could someone explain wut the principles do? (they cant be just a good looking theory that u get them and do nothing with it...)
  13. Could a Moderator help me out? I saw this game many months back and tried to play it.... Didnt understand it and stoped, and now i want to play it again. But... I would like to use the same username as i used before: Lozober. thats my account and i know the password, but the choices that i made are so messed up that i would like to start over. Could any GM reset my char for me plz(i never battled with someone thats non-NPC)? tyvm
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