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Status Updates posted by Aken

  1. Wow... long time no see aye?

  2. Well then come get it

  3. Hey boo I miss you Ha it rhymed

  4. Nothin im kinda bored

  5. If you ever wanna hang out in game just see me lol

  6. Hey, whats up mate

  7. You dont want to know mate....

  8. I do the same to annoying people who post stupid comments on my Page *smiles*

  9. Sure... (not really it jsut means im a sleep)

  10. Sure... thats me.... sure...

  11. Im more of a cat person... o well

  12. Hello, darling *smiles*

  13. *mouth is agape* You... your.... Wow...

  14. *nods and winks*

  15. Love you sis see ya in 5 days

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