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    Romania,Europe,Planet Earth,Solar System,Milky Way
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    reading books,daydreaming,fishing,football,in few words..what i LIKE! :p
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    King Daimon

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  1. i miss md and eveyone..hope im not missing out on any pary :( *pokes king before he went to popz*

  2. *poke*hello old nice fellow

  3. hey there! havent seen u for a while

  4. yay!!! good to have you back old friend!!!! XD *pokes king before leaving*

  5. hii there Diamon..^^

  6. ...nevermind...have a nice day,anyway..:(

  7. Sadness flies away on the wings of time..

  8. *whispers*Hello..please say hy to sasha too from me...:(

  9. Zaladbar is here! Hiya.

  10. im not sure if i have the option to roll for the drach,but if yes,i would like.
  11. I wasn't able to greet you a happy birthday. :D

  12. *throws a bone*hehe:p

  13. Happy Birthday!!!! enjoy!!!!! :)

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