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  1. i have been writing mostly in german, but i would like to give it a try in english Abenddämerung Unendlich ist der Tropfen Licht, Der sein Kopf an die sanfte Nacht zur ruhe legt. In Blut gebadet stirbt er,die ewige Abenddämerung. Jeden Tag wieder. edit: just send me a discription and a name, and ill write a poem.
  2. i dont realy care about the xp. im asking about ValueP and VitalityP. So in theory with MP5 you can pretty much suck at MP3 and 4 but still repair it with playing well in MP5? No reason to start new Char just cos u didnt play perfect in Early Game.
  3. Is this game about an ever expanding character, or is there a cap you cannot go further from? can an mp3 character get theorethicly unlimited VP?
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