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  1. I just want to say... I haven't committed an offence. And as much as I have been in and out off jail as fits my character roll, I should just be given a set of keys or some sort of cool down period before I'm allowed to escape. Maybe put a send to jail button on my name so if some one pleases they could send me off to jail for an X amount of time. I could be that escaped convict that could even reward a player AP, HP or heat, like a portion of mine, for instance for my recapture. Seems more punishing than pleasurable to try and play just to be send to prison just to wait and escape over
  2. I have some aged crits that i am offering to sell if any are looking for spacific or just plain old crit ids... seven grassen,765k 765k 765k 731k 731k 731k three elementals,728k728k 730k seven jokers,695k 610k 605k 605k 605k 258k 519k three birds,635k 635k 635k three imps,659k 581k 518k one rusty,742k one nutcracker,605k
  3. Ok. Done like Grido said and there back. Its been about a year now since ive used this laptop. I guess I should have know to update it, My apologies.
  4. right above that device, Where heat is stored. I had five of them and now they are missing. Sorry if its off topic but in my mind it some how fit.
  5. These heat containers are not shared. there what we get at high mp levels and can by more from the shop. and mine are now gone.
  6. I had five heat containers, and I recently notice that they are missing!
  7. Name:Deth Ray Age:638 Sex:Male Association:Lore Root Affiliation:None Greatest Strength:Insanity Greatest Weakness:Order
  8. In the land of the homeless.

  9. You know you've play to much when...You remain in-character outside of the game. I catch myself acting like my character all the time >.> Oh to my poor community...
  10. As I said think about it. But here is one idea, Make use of land loyalty and honor, works well for the MD shop. So much loyalty or honor equals so much you can harvest so often. Maybe even have items such as back packs, that way you have to have one to hold X amount of harvested goods?
  11. Sounds like "we" need to be more organized with the distributing of certain tools. Maybe even put a tax of sorts on them for the use of them. It's not the herbs we should focus on, Nor the person. It's the tool. Think about it.
  12. Why are you attacking me over one herb? From two different spots. It's my first time harvesting herbs, I didn't no there where issue's about it. Haven't been that in tune about them due to outside issues. But, I see now. I'll just stick to LR for my needs, and enforce the laws there. No further comments.
  13. This morning I seen a crazy person in bathroom...

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    2. Dragual


      He's going to build a well!

    3. ChildOfTheSoul


      Well, consider me the client's defense. ;D

    4. death ray

      death ray

      My toilet isn't Fortune's well! There are no coins in there, Get out!

  14. If only heaven knew,What hell was really like,Would you then reach out to me

    1. death ray

      death ray

      Why hold on, if not your hand that reach through

  15. death ray


    Something tasty
  16. death ray


    From the album: Yummy!

    Cheese dip!
  17. name~Death Ray mp~5 age~583 main p[color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]rincipal~stop motion[/font][/color] [font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif"][color="#282828"]Reason for applying~ the land needs tending to as there isnt much traffic through it. [/color][/font]
  18. I got some of them, very nice.
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