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  1. There should only be 1 constable but you bring up a good point, having a second person in a different time zone as the primary would be good. They could handle the removal of any immediate, blatant discrimination problems. Other than that though, the primary person should handle everything else.
  2. Mur could create a ladder style MP5 ranking system. Let it track duels just like in the HC but run the ladder system every 3 months before it resets. Just a thought.
  3. “So, basic question seems to be, do we want people to stay on low mp-levels forever or not?” It’s my understanding that the lower MP levels were more of a game mechanic to train and teach players in a progressive manner how to play the game and give them a chance to get established in the game before reaching MP5. Again my understanding, but there are really no levels in MD in the classic gaming sense and MP5 was supposed to be the main/only playing level short of a few select people that can reach a bit higher. But in general it seems that most players were expected to reach MP5 and that wo
  4. I voted for allowing there to be a “go too person”. It makes the most sense and it seems there are at least a couple people that Mur could rely on to handle this job responsibly. If Grido wants to do it I’d accept his nomination and decisions. This task would actually be very important. I have witnessed numerous acts of grieving and flat out discrimination that did not fit within the context of role playing in MD. Ethically and in some ways legally a game designer is responsible for attempting to prevent discrimination and it is a good thing that Mur is acting on this. In past events that I wi
  5. DST, I agree with you that we have the LHOs to guide players and that they are books or should be. They can even be “special” as you say and ride short buses if they want. . Seriously though, yes I like the uniqueness of having them, I like that they have a presence in the game and if they are active and willing to deal with the boredom of hanging out and waiting to be needed, they are a great asset to the game and set it apart from many other games. I disagree that it forces people to be blunt and straight forward but agree that their presence does encourage interaction on the scale that is
  6. [quote name='dst' date='10 November 2009 - 04:54 PM' timestamp='1257890098' post='47173'] But it gives you something you'll never ever find in another game:freedom! You are allowed to do whatever crosses your mind. The limit is indeed your imagination. MD has no walthroughs, no help pages, almost no hints. It's the best like this. Why? Cause of the above statement. Imagine this: you register, go through the tutorial and then you are given all the information you need (game mechanics, crits levels, etc, etc). You will be bored to death in a week. You'll not have time to make friends, you'll
  7. (To Mur) The continuity of MD’s theme needs help and I think this is its biggest issue. For example how does one explain creatures? In your old forum posts you have them explained a lot differently than many current players view them. Even I thought they were creatures you recruited from different places in the lands to fight for you like in a Pokémon game that they were something living and breathing like my character was. That theme is what is presented to players by the game. Now unless I’m mistaken you wanted it to be a lot more than that and deeper, more unique. The creatures were reall
  8. Other points: (Do-Jo) I don’t like the Dojo occurrences either but what can you do. People are going to group together and help each other or simply grind together. Mur could hard code things to disrupt people gathering like that but that would create even more complaints and issues. Even if the veteran players through roleplay and influence tried to get people not to do that, it’d still happen (they would do it too). There are no NPCs to fight and people need some way to level and train their crits. I don’ think MD needs NPCs and they too would be abused. We have to live with it and work ar
  9. Maybe these points will help too: I’m writing this list as I read the other postings in this thread. If I mirror what others have said I’m not trying to steal anyone’s thunder. These are my thoughts too. I really like MD or I would have left a long time ago. But it does need some help to keep new players and just simply to better itself. So here’s my input. I know it’s long but if you knew me this is me being short winded…. 1) Any monkey (and especially gamer) should be able to figure out the basics of how to set rituals, recruit creatures and the basics of combat in MD. Nothing here shoul
  10. I'm going to do this in a couple of posts. Mur, every artist needs a rest. Every soldier needs a visit home. Every GM needs a break from the table. No problem if you step back for awhile, you got my support. I have found myself with reasons to leave or stop playing MD but I always find myself logging in each day if not too just talk to a few people and duel a bit. It may have flaws but I still find it fun getting to know people and interacting with them. You have a good thing here Mur, please don’t give up on it. No one should ever give up on their dreams. Just stick to what your dream is
  11. [quote name='Metal Bunny' date='10 November 2009 - 06:24 AM' timestamp='1257852244' post='47136'] Anyway, I believe most people don't get this game as it is. If one has to put it into a category, one that doesn't even really fit but is the closest one there, it would not be RPG. It would be MMORPG. Slight difference there. In the sense that MMORPG has a single system, most of which eventually ends up in pvp. pvp requires npc's, but interaction with others as well. As such, the RPG and grinding are set into [u]one system[/u]. But because people are put into pvp mode from the very start
  12. [quote name='Chewett' date='04 November 2009 - 12:46 PM' timestamp='1257356794' post='46616'] I dont think he meant differnt creatures, just 12 from one land [/quote] Correct, just any 12 creatures from the same land. Would be nice to see some more creatures added though, if anything just to have something that looks different.
  13. I think it's logical and would be more intuitive for new players if players were factioned to a specific Land, either by free choice or application for admission. And that the use of Alliances was only done so to explain the RP or hard coded two way relationship between various Factions. I think it'd be better to use Guilds as a means to allow members of factions to join into smaller like minded groups. These guilds could also be used a different political parties or in keeping with a feudal system, Guilds could denote royal families. This way players can still have their small run groups (G
  14. Some other suggestions for achievements, some of these are meant to be a bit funny or odd: [b]Mother Hen:[/b] Have at least 12 creature eggs. [b]Golden Goose:[/b] Have ONLY creature eggs, no other creatures and at least 12 eggs. [b]Girl Scout:[/b] Complete 6 other achievements earning their badges. [b]Tax Collector:[/b] Collect at least 5 gold coins and 10 silver. [b]Federal Reserve:[/b] Collect 10 gold coins and 30 silver. [b]Red Cross:[/b] Heal 1000 players with your spells. [b]Blue Shield:[/b] Defend 1000 players with your spells. [b]Junk Collector:[/b] Collect all pieces of equip
  15. I propose the first ever [b]Cultural Fair Contest[/b] of MD (yes I know it’s not related to pain) where everyone from all the lands can gather and put their unique lands culture on display (post in MD forum). We Traveling folk (Gypsies) have been all around these lands and seen many unique and interesting things and people and I think it would be great for everyone to get together in this manner. The contest is for players to work individually (or jointly if Mur allows splitting of the prizes) and create your own unique perspective of your chosen MD land. Players would need to describe as ma
  16. Hello, how have you been?

  17. Happy upcoming birthday to you too. :) Always nice to see another Libra.

  18. [quote name='awiiya' date='30 September 2009 - 01:03 PM' timestamp='1254330193' post='43235'] I would say that all humans views things (even if they try not to) in good and bad, and that they tend to work towards the good. What you percieve to be virtuous, good, and worth working towards is usually what you will attempt to work towards in the long run. The part of the need for belonging is undeniably true. However I would argue that the reason it is true is because we are hardwired to put "belonging" in the good column of our lives without fail. The rest of things and how they are sorte
  19. [quote name='awiiya' date='26 September 2009 - 03:18 PM' timestamp='1253992689' post='42790'] Quite, aeoshattr. But then again, I never expected people to be serious about their sins. It is difficult to stand up and tell people why you are not a good person, because we all want to appear good. But the option has now been presented to you, so you can never say that you did not have a time to confess. This will likely make the punishments even harsher Awi [/quote] I disagree with your comment that everyone wants to appear good. I think it is safer to say that most people just want to
  20. Finally found the edit profile button...

  21. [quote name='Chewett' date='05 August 2009 - 04:45 PM' timestamp='1249505133' post='38801'] not forgotten, since every now and then i have jotted a few key ideas down for this article. But never have time to explain it Anyone that wants to go ahead and write something on wikipedia then go ahead. [/quote] Well feel free to message me any notes you have and I'll give a stab at it. There are plenty of other game sites on wikipedia and articles about browser based games. I was thinking we could get MD listed on those as well. I have a few other ideas that could help but I'm still recovering
  22. Was this endeavor dropped, completed or just forgotten about?
  23. Happy Birthday. Sorry this is late, we just got done moving and have internet back.
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