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    [u]Beware the Shadow

    Beware your surroundings, they're not what they seem
    It is but illusion, it is but a dream
    And you will find, that when this is so
    You realize that you are the one in control

    A slip of the mind can cause great fear
    As slithering shadows bring about tears
    You forget that you're dreaming
    You're lost in yourself

    A void opens up, swallows you whole
    As you fall, you reach out for something to hold
    Then you stop, you find something to grip
    You look up and see that there's nothing in your fist

    Your eyes go wide and you start to scream
    Still forgetting it's not but a dream
    You see it now, the ledge you'd caught
    It was only the shadow of the ledge at the top

    So beware the shadow, that liquid dust
    Lest you grasp for the shadow, not the real stuff.

    (So, this was an on the spot poem, so it's pry lacking in quality. It was inspired by a quote from Aesop which goes, "Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow." I'm sure given time I could come up with a better poem, but the quote made me think of MD immediately, and the focus on illusion and things not always being what they appear to be. Essentially a shadow, imitating the object.)
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