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  1. Well, I'm not entirely sure what The Traveler and Adventure logs are all about, or how to get involved with it(anyone know? Cause I'd love to join in!) On the concept of Time, I believe that in order to really and truly understand it, one must realize and then think in four dimensions instead of the three we often do. We must be aware that just because something is as we see it in the present, doesn't mean it always was like it is, or always will be as it is. Time is a fickle thing, and as mortal beings we can do no more than predict a (relatively of course) a short ways into the future. In
  2. I'd love to do some, but I'd need to know what the 'element' of the power is, or something like that. Otherwise I'd just be taking random, generalized stabs in the dark and wouldn't be able to come up with something good. If you want me to do one, just send me a PM.
  3. [u]Beware the Shadow [/u] Beware your surroundings, they're not what they seem It is but illusion, it is but a dream And you will find, that when this is so You realize that you are the one in control A slip of the mind can cause great fear As slithering shadows bring about tears You forget that you're dreaming You're lost in yourself A void opens up, swallows you whole As you fall, you reach out for something to hold Then you stop, you find something to grip You look up and see that there's nothing in your fist Your eyes go wide and you start to scream S
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