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  1. almost every day, when i am idle and get attacked, the attack icon flashed up. so far so good.I see the battle and done. But then, it repeats flashing up after a short time showing always the same last battle. Again, and again, and again...
  2. Pride looks around catiously : Pride steps closer to the guardian checking for signs of movement : Pride begins to unsheath his sword, watching as it gleams in the sunlight Pride: *slowly walks toward the tree placing a hand against the cool bark* Today seems to be the day : Pride takes a step back from the tree taking one last look around before raising the sword in both hands Pride: Goodbye you undeserving withered old firewood *lays his sword swiftly into the branchs chopping off one and watching it fall* : Pride raises his sword once more and with the sound of the wind whistling against the steel he lays into another branch and smiles at the sound of the steel against wood Pride: *lowers his sword briefly looking at his handy work* and now for the finishing touch : Pride he takes a deep slow breath holding as he raises the sword above his head and release it as the sword falls down the center of the withering tree : Pride a sly smile crosses his face as he watches the the two halves of the tree split and fall to the sides he wipes his sword clean and sheaths it once more : Pride laughs to himself as he strolls away from the timbers
  3. <ironic> Best would be to buy a "make all good spell"? </ironic> No serious, I see the point people do request things like this, but there are several game mechanics which makes you be unbalanced. Don´t cry for everything to be perfect, you are mp6 and outbalanced? Step back to mp5 and fight like hell! Just as example. If you don´t know how get more wins or looses then learn more about rituals and similar topics. I am almost out of balance but I deal with it and it is ok. Never forget, this is not a pure fighting game, the idea behind this is a RPG including a fighting system. So imho I would say - please stop requesting things like this. Thank you
  4. evil edition upload, for the evil one´s *laughs*

  5. @mods - please close this, i am really annoyed about the price politic here.
  6. I really would like to know for how much it has been sold, cause I had a bidding of 2 Gold and 10 silver.
  7. new wallpaper attempt ^^

  8. How can´t this be a bug yet? If I don´t carry a torch, I am not into the contest, and so I should be able to visit all places like before the torch grabbing. I understand the logic but this is not working right in my eyes.
  9. I faced this today as well. Grabed a torch, logged out, logged back in and now I cant click the clickable in the Wasp Tower interior. (itemdispatch)
  10. I face the same so i guess they are messing around with the coding in the background ^^
  11. Welcome to the world of MD

  12. Have you realized that you cant pimp single creatures anymore? You have to own at least 8 creatures to buy tokens.
  13. [quote name='Darigan' date='07 July 2010 - 11:08 AM' timestamp='1278493681' post='63570'] Have any of you ever played One Must Fall for MSDos? Metroid (O.o Its a girl o.O) [/quote] OMF 2047 - I loved this game, but my Joystick was not made for those type of game so it was a painful time *lol* Metriod - This game had so much mystic and feeling, I can remember when first time some Metroids captured me on last stages, hell was I frightened!
  14. I am the same opinion as Marvolo is. You should find ways and players for this and no bots somewhere.
  15. @mods - please close this topic - quest finished.
  16. For loosing a auction came this *shakes head* : sasha lilias she spins it in her hand before sending it flying towards Bob : sasha lilias the dagger catches the bark, slicing a large part off, before landing in the wall : sasha lilias takes two more daggers, one in each hand,and sends them flying again : sasha lilias each one slices the bark even more, leaving a large gap where the bark once was, a small pile of bark on the ground : sasha lilias she walks over to collcect her daggers : sasha lilias places two of the daggers into their respective sheaths before taking the third in her right hand : sasha lilias starts carving letters into the bare flesh : sasha lilias as she carves her red eyes blaze a constant burning fire : sasha lilias steps back, sheathing the dagger : sasha lilias The letters read: D E A T H T O B O B : sasha lilias she laughs before walking away
  17. heretic archer - age 95 - [color="#FF0000"]10 silver was bidded for a package deal and both creatures - 10 silver [/color] [emeraldglare] [claw3] [osirisbelt] [blackdiamonds] Hollow warrior - age 268 [claw1] [blooddrop1] Minimum bid for the archer is 5 silver The warrior - 2 silver Bidding will end tomorrow evening or if your offer pleases me.
  18. 3 gold for both - this is my last offer.
  19. That is an auction and I made an offer. Count and treat it as you like, but in the end it has to please Zleiphneir, right?
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