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  1. almost every day, when i am idle and get attacked, the attack icon flashed up. so far so good.I see the battle and done. But then, it repeats flashing up after a short time showing always the same last battle. Again, and again, and again...
  2. Pride looks around catiously : Pride steps closer to the guardian checking for signs of movement : Pride begins to unsheath his sword, watching as it gleams in the sunlight Pride: *slowly walks toward the tree placing a hand against the cool bark* Today seems to be the day : Pride takes a step back from the tree taking one last look around before raising the sword in both hands Pride: Goodbye you undeserving withered old firewood *lays his sword swiftly into the branchs chopping off one and watching it fall* : Pride raises his sword once more and with the sound of the wind whistling agai
  3. <ironic> Best would be to buy a "make all good spell"? </ironic> No serious, I see the point people do request things like this, but there are several game mechanics which makes you be unbalanced. Don´t cry for everything to be perfect, you are mp6 and outbalanced? Step back to mp5 and fight like hell! Just as example. If you don´t know how get more wins or looses then learn more about rituals and similar topics. I am almost out of balance but I deal with it and it is ok. Never forget, this is not a pure fighting game, the idea behind this is a RPG including a fighting system.
  4. evil edition upload, for the evil one´s *laughs*

  5. @mods - please close this, i am really annoyed about the price politic here.
  6. I really would like to know for how much it has been sold, cause I had a bidding of 2 Gold and 10 silver.
  7. new wallpaper attempt ^^

  8. How can´t this be a bug yet? If I don´t carry a torch, I am not into the contest, and so I should be able to visit all places like before the torch grabbing. I understand the logic but this is not working right in my eyes.
  9. I faced this today as well. Grabed a torch, logged out, logged back in and now I cant click the clickable in the Wasp Tower interior. (itemdispatch)
  10. I face the same so i guess they are messing around with the coding in the background ^^
  11. Welcome to the world of MD

  12. Have you realized that you cant pimp single creatures anymore? You have to own at least 8 creatures to buy tokens.
  13. [quote name='Darigan' date='07 July 2010 - 11:08 AM' timestamp='1278493681' post='63570'] Have any of you ever played One Must Fall for MSDos? Metroid (O.o Its a girl o.O) [/quote] OMF 2047 - I loved this game, but my Joystick was not made for those type of game so it was a painful time *lol* Metriod - This game had so much mystic and feeling, I can remember when first time some Metroids captured me on last stages, hell was I frightened!
  14. I am the same opinion as Marvolo is. You should find ways and players for this and no bots somewhere.
  15. @mods - please close this topic - quest finished.
  16. For loosing a auction came this *shakes head* : sasha lilias she spins it in her hand before sending it flying towards Bob : sasha lilias the dagger catches the bark, slicing a large part off, before landing in the wall : sasha lilias takes two more daggers, one in each hand,and sends them flying again : sasha lilias each one slices the bark even more, leaving a large gap where the bark once was, a small pile of bark on the ground : sasha lilias she walks over to collcect her daggers : sasha lilias places two of the daggers into their respective sheaths before taking the third in her ri
  17. heretic archer - age 95 - [color="#FF0000"]10 silver was bidded for a package deal and both creatures - 10 silver [/color] [emeraldglare] [claw3] [osirisbelt] [blackdiamonds] Hollow warrior - age 268 [claw1] [blooddrop1] Minimum bid for the archer is 5 silver The warrior - 2 silver Bidding will end tomorrow evening or if your offer pleases me.
  18. 3 gold for both - this is my last offer.
  19. That is an auction and I made an offer. Count and treat it as you like, but in the end it has to please Zleiphneir, right?
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