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  1. I really had fun reading it - great!
  2. Hey there, i hope this will only get better. Sad to see people i like need to suffer in a way. From my side, all the best wishes from your former germany!
  3. I just wanted to point out, that you could sell them all quite faster and more efficient in that way, as you mentioned fixed price values before from yourself, so don´t blame me now.
  4. And how will you tell a bidder if the "value" is reached? Will you tell everyone in specific? Set up the "value" price and then start your auction again. Don´t start auctions if you are not pleased with low offers, people will always bid that way.
  5. At which time did this happen today? There was a server issue today, keep looking if this happens still and post it then with the timestamp, please.
  6. We all face those problems, i guess its coding time ^^ Seems all fixed - server issue (Rendril told me). Mods please close topic.
  7. I have seen Wolfs to be a pretty new character to MD and I think he does not know a lot of technices to gather, gain or trade heads, maybe this is why he might think this is cheating. You have to imagine, Z is a veteran player but not everbody does know him and noobs of course can´t. So it is ok from my point of view to say he is cheating if you might think so, but you have to show some evidences. If you only blame him therefore because you don´t know how some mechanics work, please stop it.
  8. Where is the fifth line in your limerick?
  9. [quote name='Espartano' date='24 July 2010 - 01:57 PM' timestamp='1279972670' post='64518'] Burns you are able to give mp3/4 about 1kk xp like you say in GGG pillar, Shadowseeker, you dont have anytime in your life in the past 2 years doing something like that to punish the sparring grounds violators? [/quote] Do I assume right from your text above, that you know the MD game for at least 2 years now and you ask about rits and their happenings and all the XP stuff which other can explain but now? It doesn´t mean, if you can´t explain your fight logs, that there weren´t fights you don´t see any more. Have you included this?
  10. Looks great - fire! Pure elemental power!
  11. Then there is no error, if you cant activate the artifact, you are done here. Go and seek, my friend Just seek.
  12. I faced the same error some days ago.I had to solve the puzzle again but I suppose I clicked to fast away as the bright light flashed.
  13. This is a cevapcici, at least this is how it is called in Croatia! We slaw folks know that!
  14. I cant resist shadow! :) I CANT! Build more hives...

    1. Windy


      *shines a flashlight at the hives*

  15. is looking forward to..http://eu.blizzard.com/de-de/games/sc2/?v=commercial

    1. lepus


      never played it blackie though i am looking forward to the day when diablo iii pops through my letterbox :D

  16. Thanks for your statement Mur, some minor things should be now even to your picky friends clear and understandable written. Topic can be closed, I will be still offering wallpapers to anyone, non-offical and only on demand.
  17. [quote name='Watcher' date='19 July 2010 - 05:46 PM' timestamp='1279554406' post='64170'] [u]Vanity:[/u] Could this not create the confusion which Muratus del Mur wants to avoid? You put your name on artwork that is not yours, not yours to manipulate, not yours to modify, not yours to distribute... need I go on or has the point been made [b]and understood?[/b] [/quote] You are right, as I think about it, this really could cause confusion. I changed the copyright on the forum.
  18. I have [b]nothing[/b] to prove you or anybody else! You blame me in advance so i just counter. If you have seen people saying this then you should open up your eyes quite better this is my own statement! Let me do my work as I want to, same as I don´t tell you what a forum mod should work like or not, because this is all subjective. And again, who are you to judge what art or what artistic is? If want answers for this, read the old topic posts again.
  19. Allright, so after the weekend I see what has gathered here. Isn´t it so, that all artworks from artists, which has been bought by Mur are property of MD? I mean, those artists have had to permit that their artworks are free to use on any MD related themes, otherwise Mur need to have to ask them as well which I don´t assume is the fact. And so as Mur the last time this topic already was pointed out confirmed that we are allowed to use artworks from MD. I really, really don´t see any point people blaming me here since I stay into the MD purpose for those. I don´t claim artworks of my own, I point just out, like others already said, that I only put my name on my creation to see who created it, this is the vain factor in it - so what? I am almost amused as you all might think, I would not think about my action and especially after the last blaming on this. But since this was decided and we are allowed, I don´t see any violation on copyright laws, because the owner of the copyrights is MD aka Mur. You have a problem with the ingame item (silver) i ask for the time i would effort of this? Well if you are that picky folks, I can change this to a willingly donation. This should please most brownnoser here. And funny is, which not even one has pointed out so far, that if I should created a wallpaper for someone, you are not sure what it will look like, nor what it will include of MD artwork if at all. Anybody thought about this? You probably will never see nor anybody else this pics, another picking for copyrights here? my two cents. Thanks
  20. Thanks Z. And for Kyphis, please search the MD gallery and you will find a few examples of my style. And to answer your question, I currently use the evil edition of the TS wallpaper on my own screen, because i like it!. To make this one clear, it is not like I am sitting there for 15 minutes and work is done, each one will cost me several hours until it pleases me. I am offering this for other and the comunity to have a piece of MD as wallpaper of their own taste - sad there are no offical ones - so this is my offer to others. If you think I am only trying to get money for something, please do not pm me then. But if you think like : "oh someone is offering a to create a wallpaper with my own wishes, nice, there are none so far!" - then i might be of help for you
  21. If someone is interested in this, I will create his own special md wallpaper, according to costumer wishes. The price will be between 5 silver and 1 gold, depends on the difficulty and your wish of the final image. Please be aware, making me start a wallpaper will cost you two silver in advance, which will be counted in the endprize. This is only a security fee if you change your mind. No pay back. If you are interested, please send me pm. Thanks To please a stubborn MOD: These creation are not offical MD wallpapers. You all know but I have to point this out. Thank you for YOUR understanding.
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