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  1. Aswell from my side, happy birthsday <enter your real name here *G>!
  2. Holy....this is an awesome bathroom
  3. Cool pic...ah wait, Hrithik? ;)

  4. Don´t worry, it wont hurt :) - just kidding, have a nice weeding!

  5. [quote name='Prince Marvolo' date='10 August 2009 - 10:21 AM' timestamp='1249892466' post='39119'] *throws a Bday cake in Phantasms face* Happy Bday [/quote] HIHI I liked that one From me, too. No Face-cake but best wishes, cowboy!
  6. And a few lines from myself: [b] Marinds little poem[/b] Once there was but many girls, A young lady with her twirls, To lead a story quite solid, The ladies name there was Marind. A carnival grown round her round, To twist her mind with evil sound. Finally then she changed her mood, because of the small and wooden cube. Liquid shadows move around, In her dreams they even found, her walking through the md land, seeking out – a helping’ hand. Now´s you turn to help that maid, To uncurse her unknown fate. Play the game and you will know, What the future´s going to show.
  7. Rock on! Welcome here and enjoy the game.
  8. Yes, and from my side, too. Happy birhtsday GRIDO!
  9. Wow - this cat looks mean! But the other cat looks cute...
  10. I thought you had dark hair?
  11. Cool pic, why have you been painted?
  12. tee-hee, you ARE cute *g

  13. If you get to know me better you will beg to handle you ;)

  14. Amoran in all her beauty...nice.

  15. Will you be able to handle me as last guard, Dst-y? ;)


  17. Well, King Manu, you mentioned it is not related to something already existing. But take a look at the pentagramm circle of the PC game Hellgate London, they look similar and their circle does have a background - maybe people refered yours to their?
  18. Your german is quite good - coffee addicted lady :) maybe better then my english.

  19. It will never die! Not as long as a last guard will remain.

    Dst-y :)

  20. I played at school Quake 3 at the breaks and needed a name. While living in the blackforest, i saw it on a poster and simply used it, added a wood in between just to make a weird name and i got real badass good in the game so my name became a floor legend - and i stayed at this name , but mostly blackwood
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