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  1. I would advise you to be what ever you want to be. You entered this game for some reasons, and you have known it is about roleplay. Why did you chose your name as mad hatter? Try to evolve not yourself, try to be a person in another world, even though it is yourself. Start speaking with persons, roleplay will come from alone if you like to let it start.
  2. First of all, i want to say that I am very glad to won this, not only because of the price (which I haven´t received so far so people please stop asking me day by day for them) but to see my writings pleased his and the unknown judges meaning.
  3. As I said, nice to see you step in again welcome!
  4. I am pretty sure, Rheager would love to keep this alive, but since he and Firs are no longer good friends,...well you know. On the one side, I think they really should stay in Loreroot because of historical happenings, on the other hand, move them somewhere else well would maybe work as well. Not to blame anyone, but if Loreroot doesn´t want to have the savelites anymore, i would pass them to Rheager, if he wants to have them. Not because we are buddies, its because the reason that he was a really good leader for the savelites. Not to start here any topics regarding what HAPPEND, just the suggestion to let them stay alive.
  5. Sad to see them vanish, even more sad, no "true" lorerootian want to keep their heritage on. It is a part of loreroot as well as the citizenship, someone really should carry on this.
  6. Sorry, havent been online those days. Declined thanks anyway Fyrd.
  7. [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1282564438' post='66874'] gg are worth more than rusties.....are you really hoping for a straight swap? [/quote] Since the market i low in every aspect and i explicitly wrote, make arrangement for offers with me, which shouldn´t i ask? My rusty might be more worth for someone seeking one, right?
  8. I want to trade my rusty (age 300+), untokened, for a aged GG. If the GG is tokened, i will pay extra on top. Write me or post for offer arrangement. Thank you
  9. Maybe you should change your point of view. For me, i´d rather like to do more roleplay in a current location, like where i belong to. But on the other hand, i now need to spend that time into raising wins for a few more days just be a few more days longer not into the skill damage range. This all might fit well for usual players, yet my devoted role binds me to a specifi location where i am a well known bunching bug for grinders. I have no problem to ask my friends and others for a ease win, but it does not solve my problem into a long term.
  10. If I understood this right, today happend: 3 fights won - full heat - almost +0.8 stats, 1 fight lost - over 1.x stats lost I strongly suggest to even this, it cannot be such a great difference to get back from a -neg. hole.
  11. 3 fights won - full heat - almost +0.8 stats, 1 fight lost - over 1.x stats lost

  12. I like the idea as well, but, it should be something like this: Player X has requested to change your paper Y - allow this? Yes /No.
  13. It has to please you alone, and i like it much. Yrthilian might be older or younger, the way you play makes him what he is. So go ahed!
  14. [quote name='Udgard' date='20 August 2010 - 01:49 PM' timestamp='1282304989' post='66620'] Suggestion: kill off your creatures @_@, if you have some credits, use the grotesque ritual of self oblivion. [/quote] So, you mean i should limit my play experience by myself? What If i like to gather, collect and level creatures like every other player does? Even worse, I shall spent money to get rid of a penalization? Are you serious of suggesting something like this?
  15. As some of you already realized, i am not that much online ingame nor I walk around a lot anymore. The reason is simple and some may laugh but i am tired of being penalized due tu skill damage. And I fail to see walking around and seeking 3 sword fights on mp5 level on noobs where I know I can win, and only one lost fights makes me lose those gained stats in an instant. It´s sad my role is suffering under this and i don´t know if I want to go into negative stats, at least i raised this character and I have a right to be a fighter somehow for sure. Right now I don't want to spend that much time to run and hide so I will stay mostly in sanctuaries if idle or so, but not where i should be (you all know where i should be staying), makes me lack of enjoying rp. Maybe i catch myself those weeks. I thought it would be a good section to post this. If anyone has a good objective suggestion, please go ahead. I know some of you will laugh, some will roll eyes but i felt like posting this (at least my mood is so). Thank you all for your understanding.
  16. [quote name='Chewett' date='19 August 2010 - 03:13 PM' timestamp='1282223587' post='66543'] Obviously. So when i stab you with a needle its obviously going to do more damage than a scythe. [/quote] I guess he ment, if he stabs you with a hundred needles, you will have about 100 times more chance to receive damage, infects, lose blood or so. YOu don´t realize a wound but it still is there, right, Grido?
  17. First come first serve, i am looking for 4-5 silver for each. One is fresh, the other one at age 70 (today) but has [blooddrop3] .
  18. [b]All the best my guardian friend, all the best![/b]
  19. no the first ist not an avi, only some pics i have seen around in md anyhow. Good news all! The artist has written me this: [b][i]I'm completely ok with the gamer using it as their avatar, but am 100% not ok with them claiming they are the creator of it. As long as they give credit to me as the original artist, I give permission for them to use it.[/i][/b] I am not aware if this is still an issue on the MD avatar, because it has the MD tag on it.
  20. It was not to attack you and treat you, I wanted to make sure which image was copied on which side. It could have been, someone took your image and posted it, that is why i investigated here. Nothing personal.
  21. I don´t know to be honest, keep your eyes open if you find the player and notice his name. His avi needs to be removed sadly. Sorry for making trouble, doesn´t ment to be harsh or so.
  22. Oh no don´t get me wrong. I just mean the technical part of finding the avi ^^ calm down.
  23. [quote name='Allyce' date='18 August 2010 - 02:14 PM' timestamp='1282133674' post='66440'] i don't remember who was... [/quote] It was me I guess Hm well let´s see, I don´t know how to go further, does Mur need to be contaced for this? Or will he read it?
  24. As far as I know, there is an ingame Avatar looking like this, right? But isn´t allowed to look like others work, because ingame avatars are claimed as property of MD, therefore the MD tag on them. So the only problem is here to remove the avatar ingame. It is not allowed to reproduce others work for the avatars.
  25. http://skinpupcoss.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d16klgk @Udgard - as far as I know, some avatar is made out of this, not good quality but still somewhere in the realm.
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