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  1. Topic says it all: Do you play XBOX live and if so, which games do you play mostly?
  2. Falcon/hawk but in most things i disagree.
  3. Just for your information: Wins and the creature level will reset after a transfer, and age will be cut into half.
  4. [url="http://storenow.net/my/?f=2258"]FOF 4 flyer![/url] @Ailith, if you don´t want it just tell me and I remove it. I just thought of doing you a small favour.
  5. It is similar to stars or medals in other forums. It is simply a visual indicator of the posting amount. Like: 1-10 post = 1 circle, and so on..
  6. I do not have the option to edit my own profile title... May profile says: Active Posts: 506 (1.03 per day) but my summary here not?
  7. he does this most of the time, makes more mystical i guess ^^
  8. It is the green healing liquid Zleiphneir has. It recovers Bob's wounds when damaged.
  9. Oh right, my failure, i was talking about King Daimon and mismatched them. Nevermind then.
  10. No, i mean it really isnt the same person! It is Mur´s brother, it was him at least. And Muratus del Mur is Mur, it is just a nickname. There is not a difference from the character, but the psychological person behind each name meaning. Facing the ingame Muratus del Mur may face the user behind as Muraturs, Mur or...
  11. Correct me if I am wrong, but King Manu ist NOT Mur.
  12. You mean to say you are lost because you feel and you are not sure of telling us? Why do you tell us then anyway? Because you WANT to. We might be your social world you created and you NEED us, each and everyone. You need to see who will suggest you something. What is it you want to hear? You are a damn smart guy created a sucial game as masterpiece, and there are so many other things you can be proud of, but at least, if you WANT to feel lost - then you will be lost in mind. Means you shouldn´t seek a specific meaning or logical reason for everything, go and enjoy some events and life actions without analyzing them and just take a few reactions and suprises as result. Do not try to understand everything or control it. Example? If you like movies, don´t watch "a beautiful mind" and compare life with it, take a few minutes on a "Jay and silent Bob movie" and simply enjoy the stupidity! Just my two cents
  13. I feel sad to read this, take care of yourself - i like you much.
  14. Title says all, hit me with offers. Rusty aged 300+, untokened.
  15. Aw sad, allright my offer is then obsolete.
  16. Yesterday someone wrote in the chat: "rubs bob for luck and sits on wall" Makes me laugh every time I read it rubbing Bob for luck!
  17. Aged(300+) Rustgold Drachorn and one Gold coin (sorry, I have no items to give)
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