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  1. I have already written it above. It is all from the bosnian area, maybe reaching from or into croatia or serbia.
    All I can give you in addition it a town called "brcko" or the local region called "donja skakava". Nothing [b]AFTER [/b]1950 is of interest for me, means 1950, 1949, etc.
    Thank you for trying!

  2. This is not really a quest, not really a contest - this is a question for people who want to help me to find something. Some did a very good job on Mur´s contest once and hopefully someone will help me, too.

    I am trying to find a specified crest referring to the name [color="#0000FF"]Filipovic (Filipovic´)[/color]. I have already found one, but I heard rumors of it it should be a false one. (i will not tell how it looks yet, not to influence you)

    As well, I try to find everything (pics included) referring to the name Filipovic from Bosnia.

    I might be not the richest player, but I will pay you for your effort.

    The most useful information will be payed by me anyhow, i will step in contact with you therefore in public.

    I am looking forward for helping hands. Good luck people.

    Cheers Blackwood

  3. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1284745206' post='68570']

    Try it, its really useful

    It is for sure, I really use it for most questions but it's always helpfull to have someone sharing similar experience.

  4. No, i mean it really isnt the same person! It is Mur´s brother, it was him at least.

    And Muratus del Mur is Mur, it is just a nickname. There is not a difference from the character, but the psychological person behind each name meaning.
    Facing the ingame Muratus del Mur may face the user behind as Muraturs, Mur or...

  5. You mean to say you are lost because you feel and you are not sure of telling us? Why do you tell us then anyway? Because you WANT to. We might be your social world you created and you NEED us, each and everyone. You need to see who will suggest you something. What is it you want to hear? You are a damn smart guy created a sucial game as masterpiece, and there are so many other things you can be proud of, but at least, if you WANT to feel lost - then you will be lost in mind. Means you shouldn´t seek a specific meaning or logical reason for everything, go and enjoy some events and life actions without analyzing them and just take a few reactions and suprises as result. Do not try to understand everything or control it.

    Example? If you like movies, don´t watch "a beautiful mind" and compare life with it, take a few minutes on a "Jay and silent Bob movie" and simply enjoy the stupidity! :(

    Just my two cents

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