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  1. nuff said :), not really-


    I hope some will remember me?

    A long time ago, I was , I am, and always will be - the Guardian of Bob. Yes everybody knows Z, and stood side by side with him and in some sad times, I even replaced him. I heard the call of the tree and therefore I am back to protect the tree.



    I forgot so much, please welcome me with wisdom and kindfull help - and ....





  2. I just don't see the point of spending a wishpoint. In my opinion, a wishpoint should be used to give you an advantage or premium feature, and not to fixed stats or anything. I still think it is a better way to give player in balance some kind of advantage then to punish them via statsloss when baldy unbalanced. If you see my point of view, a spent "fix balance" wishpoint will only help a temporary time, and this is kind of a lost wishpoint.

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