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  1. I am seeking my old Avatar, the knight standing besides the friendship - please contact me if you see it. Thank you!
  2. Allright, this seems to be new (at least for me) thank you for the explanation. Topic can be closed
  3. If I login with an alt character, the free credtis from my main account are still "used" so no voting and credit earning can be done. I know this worked in former times.
  4. same here...the only thankfull seemed to be Bob *sighs*
  5. nuff said :), not really- I hope some will remember me? A long time ago, I was , I am, and always will be - the Guardian of Bob. Yes everybody knows Z, and stood side by side with him and in some sad times, I even replaced him. I heard the call of the tree and therefore I am back to protect the tree. I forgot so much, please welcome me with wisdom and kindfull help - and .... ... DON'T HARM THE TREE!!!!
  6. [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1308154329' post='86279'] Why do you want your account deleted? Why not just not use it? [/quote] Because I want it that way. It is feed with my data and my personal experience, i just want to have it deleted. So, no deletion even it the account user wants it to be done? Fits perfect into the image I have from MD. Then seal my account or whatever into all eternity. Delete my forum account. And STOP asking me If I will give you my stuff for free! Oh yes, pretty please.
  7. So, what will it need to get my account deleted. A personal note to Mur on the forum shows no reaction. LHO suggestion only to try again. I want to see my ingame account deleted asap, my forum acc as well for sure. I am off with it. Thanks for understanding
  8. Thank you Z, but it is not the same even it is very similar. I am not seeking the usual tabletop miniatures. I am seeking a special polystone statue edition, and they can no longer be ordered by GW anywhere (I already asked there).
  9. Hello all there, I am currently seeking those little polystone statues all over the internet (world) http://www.sideshowtoy.com/listing.php?cat=Warhammer+40k [img]http://www.sideshowtoy.com/mas_assets/jpg/8116_press01-001.jpg[/img] I owe a few but I´d like to have some more if possible. Help me and seek online dealers, or communities you may know where people sell them for a moderate price (around 30-35$ max!)and ship them to germany. They are mainly rare those days so good luck. I will reward you ingame for your help if you succeed. Thank you for you help!
  10. Oh, I haven´t seen that - allright, then still selling one for ingame gold/silver.
  11. Final update since a few people asked, One of them will be sold for paypal cash, and one for the highest ingame gold/siler offer. Start bidding!
  12. I face the bug that the scene is loading but stays plain. This happens only in the path of loneliness, so i cannot move anymore. I was ported out to the GOE for e.g. and everything works fine, but returning to the POL makes me stuck there. I have tried the firefox portable browser and the IE, both the same. Deleted the caches and reload havent helped. I assume something with a script there? Someone got an idea? Thanks
  13. Please correct me if my information is wrong but I thought it is not a matter of the tool then having the skills being in the guild?
  14. Cherry blossom tree in hell, nothing special in this from my point of view. You all are so easy to attract from things "Mur" did...
  15. [quote name='frostas' timestamp='1292582536' post='75617'] 1 GC for it [/quote] Can´t your read it carefully? Start with 5 GC at least! *sighs*
  16. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1292401964' post='75480'] I almost missed it! So...Happy B-day Blacky!!! [/quote] You indeed missed it, one day to late - suffer in hell for this or pay a wishpoint to redeem.
  17. [quote name='ERO' timestamp='1291724285' post='74739'] 2GC for the Rusty 3GC for the Reindrach [/quote] Read carefully, he only wants REAL money!
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