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  1. I am seeking my old Avatar, the knight standing besides the friendship - please contact me if you see it. Thank you!
  2. Allright, this seems to be new (at least for me) thank you for the explanation.   Topic can be closed
  3. If I login with an alt character, the free credtis from my main account are still "used" so no voting and credit earning can be done. I know this worked in former times.
  4. same here...the only thankfull seemed to be Bob *sighs*
  5. nuff said :), not really-   I hope some will remember me? A long time ago, I was , I am, and always will be - the Guardian of Bob. Yes everybody knows Z, and stood side by side with him and in some sad times, I even replaced him. I heard the call of the tree and therefore I am back to protect the tree.     I forgot so much, please welcome me with wisdom and kindfull help - and ....   ...   DON'T HARM THE TREE!!!!
  6. I am pretty sure, Rheager would love to keep this alive, but since he and Firs are no longer good friends,...well you know. On the one side, I think they really should stay in Loreroot because of historical happenings, on the other hand, move them somewhere else well would maybe work as well. Not to blame anyone, but if Loreroot doesn´t want to have the savelites anymore, i would pass them to Rheager, if he wants to have them. Not because we are buddies, its because the reason that he was a really good leader for the savelites. Not to start here any topics regarding what HAPPEND, just th
  7. Sad to see them vanish, even more sad, no "true" lorerootian want to keep their heritage on. It is a part of loreroot as well as the citizenship, someone really should carry on this.
  8. 3 fights won - full heat - almost +0.8 stats, 1 fight lost - over 1.x stats lost

  9. Blackwoodforest

    ivory tower

    Blackmore´s knight?
  10. I love the idea of freelancers, because I guess there will be many more others guilds in future for whatever might come. If you make some resource freelancers only available, there will be more free market economy then only by guild. The guilds will make contracts and everything is fine but to have a few (maybe stubborn) freelancers makes it much more difficult and interesting. Just my point of view.
  11. I see first blood, soon

  12. Looks great - fire! Pure elemental power!
  13. This is a cevapcici, at least this is how it is called in Croatia! We slaw folks know that!
  14. I cant resist shadow! :) I CANT! Build more hives...

    1. Windy


      *shines a flashlight at the hives*

  15. is looking forward to..http://eu.blizzard.com/de-de/games/sc2/?v=commercial

    1. lepus


      never played it blackie though i am looking forward to the day when diablo iii pops through my letterbox :D

  16. evil edition upload, for the evil one´s *laughs*

  17. new wallpaper attempt ^^

  18. Welcome to the world of MD

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