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  1. Can somebody explain me why I have a negative amount of ValuePoints`? Since two days they are at around -90K to today -77K ?
  2. [quote name='Lifeline' post='32799' date='Jun 5 2009, 03:00 PM']Hey i thought that it is very annoying that token for which u spend real life money in the MDShop could end up hurting u. There is not a single item in the MDShop that could turn out bad for u expect some tokens that restrict some creature on certain rits or even make them completely worthless. So in my point of view there should be the option to delete unwanted tokens from creatures suffering under the token effect. Let me present u an example here: Imagen u get a claw1 token on a tree with lets say 2000principle points. That would totally ruin ur tree. It would soon start to weaken (it would start weakening the def instead of adding def) ur crits instead of protecting them and even the regen for loosing xp wouldn’t work anymore the way it is supposed to. One single token would totally mess up the crit and make it worthless. Now u spend real money on that token and all it did was to screw up one of ur creatures. (And it can be much worse imagine those very rare token u almost never get on a wind dragon that leech a lot of vitality and power from other crits to the wind. It would insanely reduce the value of a wind dragon because u wouldn’t be able to put it together with an angien in the rit anymore. And the wind dragon doesnt even have any use for power. The wind would greatly weaken the angien and that with tokens that have a very slim chance to even appear on a crit. And u would for sure not transfer a wind dragon that needs insane age away just to make sure that it doesn’t get a specific token with low chances to appear.) In my point of view it should be possible to delete token from a creature. Those unwanted token that actually weaken the crit instead of strengthening it. I know that some of you don’t have token and probably don’t care about it but it would still be great if u consider this scenario happening to u. would u not be unhappy if one of ur rarest crits turns out weakening ur angien and therfore forcing u to not use it anymore? I am not doing a poll because I dont want newer players who dont really understand what the problem is to vote on it. That is why I decided to just collect names of players who think that there should be an option added to delete token that are already on ur crit. I will edit this post from time to time adding playernames who support this idea...[/quote] Why to delete, the whole problem wouldn´t exists if you where able to select the creature you´d like to improve. This random thing is maybe good to not create ueber-crits but well...I have an elemantel with a claw 1 token - how useful... but 1 token for 1 $ is much..
  3. [quote name='septumus' post='32719' date='Jun 4 2009, 04:06 PM']Don't take my statement above the wrong way. I've been in the works of developing my character but as opposed to taking a month to write out the background lazily, I'll be doing it in the next 10 days Not to mention I'm still trying to get a feel for the realm here. Despite being rich in lore and archives it is still like a huge puzzle to me LOL! I've been RPing since I first discovered P&P games as a kid, developing a character is half the fun of playing the game! That and I was wondering how to submit the story, I've heard talk of papers before but still don't know what they are or how to get them.[/quote] You are right, it is hard to involve your characters into the MD world if you don´t know anything at the beginning. Good luck for you! P&P rule! :good:
  4. Especially the 3. point is also from interest for me, I asked myself often how this works.
  5. [quote name='septumus' post='32717' date='Jun 4 2009, 03:37 PM']Awesome! Finally a reason to sit down and actually write out a character background. One question though, where are we supposed to submit our entry to? In the PM or in this thread?[/quote] It is enough to write here and tell you want to perticipate. Don´t be offendend but for me it is sad to hear you only want to envolve a character story because of the reasons above, some rewards. But at least you WILL create a story! :good:
  6. As I do my character development right now and fit the criteria i´d like to participate, please.
  7. [quote name='Watcher' post='32596' date='Jun 2 2009, 11:54 PM']Actually, if you cared to look into this situation carefully, you would notice that the small increases in vital energy, value points, and statistics continue to occur. It would be wiser to observe first.[/quote] You are right, they are present. :good:
  8. [quote name='Kriskah Arcanu' post='32547' date='Jun 2 2009, 04:05 AM']Please an update is needed so new players don't get confused [attachment=927:items.jpg][/quote] Right right - I only hear about trading silver all the time!
  9. The topic says it all - no stats update since 2 days for me - is this a bug? Thank you
  10. This is making me really angry. I dont want to fight for heads or even be a target for all overpowered old players! It´s really annoying for every time you have one of those heads someone comes and kills ALL of your creatures. I have more to do in this game then healing my creatures without finding a secure place because like i understood it is nowhere safe if you own heads. I need several hours to heal my creatures for a few seconds in game to be bashed. How long will this take? I´d like to know and I will maybe stay off for the whole time!
  11. [quote name='Harion' post='31952' date='May 22 2009, 06:26 AM']i love the song. ofc i often have my speakers turned off so i don't hear it much i haven't even heard all the music in MD.[/quote] I do really like this song, too! :good: It´s not my kind of music but i keeps giving this game a special flavour!
  12. [quote name='Akasha' post='31671' date='May 20 2009, 03:19 PM']Her account password was changed that means someone has access to her PC or to her email. stolen creatures or items can be tracked down and recovered, as soon as she regans full access to the email used for this acc she should contact Mur again for an other password change or email change. If its necessay the account can be banned temporarly to prevent ther abuse.[/quote] But how do you know if the hacker is not in same country? can´t she just tell her internet provider to show the ip adress using for example her mail program and he will be catched soon I hope. What a [spoiler]shitbag![/spoiler] dork
  13. [quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' post='31401' date='May 18 2009, 01:57 PM']as you wish [/quote] Sve najbolje i pozdrav u "tvoj centar" :lol:
  14. [quote name='Liberty4life' post='31510' date='May 19 2009, 06:30 PM']no no no, thing is i have 10 adepts which are always inactive havent seen them for very long time, and when ever i check it they are all inactive, and it still says that i have 1 adept well i am not sure for what happened to blackwood, most likely he has to wait till next count[/quote] And for how long will this count take? I´m having this adept counting for more then 3 weeks or more...
  15. [quote name='Liberty4life' post='31486' date='May 19 2009, 12:05 PM']interesting i have 10 inactive adepts and it still says to me that i have 1 adept, although i have no use of any adepts so i dont mind having or not having adepts[/quote] Are you Liberty like the LIBs? :good:
  16. I had a former adept who vanished but I still have 1 adept on "my adepts" - but if I click on it nobody is listed (like it should be). But this 1 adept won´t disappear.
  17. [quote name='dst' post='30515' date='May 7 2009, 12:44 PM']What did you do? [/quote] Gained a great burst of heat and could store it, lost it but now i can gain it again on the common way.
  18. [quote name='Shadowseeker' post='18326' date='Oct 13 2008, 04:21 PM']Looks like I am now in charge of the translation, so any future question towards me please. Wie dem auch sei, wenn jemand noch mithelfen möchte eine PM losschicken, am besten wäre im Spiel, hier geht es sonst auch. Jeder von dem ich jetzt eindeutig weiss, dass er/sie mithelfen möchte hat jetzt eine PM von mir gekriegt.[/quote] Ich bin wie bewiesen auch schon dabei!
  19. [quote name='lightsage' post='30200' date='May 4 2009, 02:22 PM']Moved back to bugs section[/quote] Works now - :nea:
  20. [quote name='Liberty4life' post='30195' date='May 4 2009, 01:41 PM']to me it seams like you dont know how it works, you cant store heat if you dont have at least 1k heat, one orb is equal to 1008 heat, to store heat you need at least 1000, 1k for each orb, and heat decreases every second[/quote] Read above, I have been able to store heat before and I did so, and yes, I know the 1K limit, too. That´s why it seems so strange to me.
  21. [quote name='lightsage' post='30192' date='May 4 2009, 01:12 PM']Have you tried refreshing to see if the storage slots are filled? Mine tend to lag a bit. (you probably have but just to check ;-))[/quote] Yes I did, erased my cache, too. Nothing, clicked on everything but nothing will work.
  22. [quote name='Grido' post='30185' date='May 4 2009, 12:32 PM']you're mp4 and now you *cant* store heat? you mean you could before? it's meant to be that you *can* store heat from mp4 onwards can you please take a screen shot which includes what mp you are, your playername, and the heat storage area, and put in here *subject sorted* *moved to bugs from Q&A*[/quote] Now of course I can store heat only from MP4 upward, I know. But I am currently in MP4 and I can´t store it anymore. Everytime I click on the heat for storage it simply decreases - I will post a screene later on. [url="http://www.imagehosting.com/"][img]http://img515.imageshack.us/img515/2125/heatp.jpg[/img][/url]
  23. I am in MP4 and suddenly i can´t store my heat anymore - does anybody know why? BTW: how can i change a subject?
  24. I´m am already about 40 days in this game but still don´t get it sometimes. Sometimes it´s very difficult for a foreign language speaker to understand riddles and quests so i´m often stuck but i really like this game and the people in there. I am from Germany and I will carry on playing Hello all!
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