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  1. Topic can be closed ! Thanks everyone invovled for the effort! It was very kind!
  2. Because of the attribute boost :)
  3. The black dots and the images are the 'keywords' you are aiming for.
  4. in the "live chat" section of https://magicduel.com/pages/help.info.php?p=onlineusers#LC You might stumble upon green speech every once in a while, this is not always player-created, but Mur's way of making important announcements globally. If you find something in green, read it, it might be serious! I don´t recal this was ever green, though it was deep red and Chewett has now orange. Anyone intereset into this to be corrected?
  5. Planning team for me - please Nimrodel from my side!
  6. I have been away long time, I remember Peace to be MP7 years ago.
  7. King/Queen + Brownnoser (Mp7) = land benefit = King/Queen benefit = abuse of MP7 benefit for me. A good roleplayer shall get this, however, not by landrestrictions or so.
  8. The trailer is not bad, I will take a deeper look out for it, Sirix! - A beautiful mind - 300 (not because of the story but for the special effects and style) - Sweeny Todd (love the singing)
  9. In former times, as I recall, there has been only one (Peace) or two ..? known MP7s and they haven´t been any MP6s around because it was more a PWR role then a simply MP evolution ladder. I always askedmyself why for e.g. Zleif never evolved to Mp5 and stood MP4, but today I understand. Its not your MP levels that makes your character, its your roleplay ability. It might supportt your roleplay in some kind of way but anyway, in the end there are simple game mechanics. just my two guardians cents
  10. You have 5 Free Regeneration Ritual boosters for free, I think they are what you are seeking for. No matter which link you use to register, its just a catching advert I guess.
  11. That´s just romantic blabla! Imagine someone forces your life in exchange of the life or your beloved ones, you will die for them for sure.
  12. Love to an object is none existant in romantic ways, it is a favour of something you like and to simply give it a expressiv of humans limited imagination of things, we call it "love". I so love my car!=means nothing more then I know it is mine, I like it , I like cars with this shape, the features are usefull, I know about its quality and so on. But in the end, its maybe only the same procedure of neurons etc. You get bound to something where you combine emotions and fact for your brain to remember this and save it. The more you combine fact with emotions the more brain activites will be triggered and you will start to empath something, you will "love" it. I assume that those connections stimulate brain increase and activity and when you lose that certain level you will suffer like from drug withdravel, therefore the lovesickness maybe?
  13. Love can cause pain, but only as an activation of negative feelings, real pain (talking about body wounds) instead has always an event trigger (slice, blunt damage etc.) which stimulates your synapses with an electrical flow. So we have to seperate the pain you feel or might think you feel in your "heart" and "soul" or the body driven one. Let me answer for the "if love is real and letting go etc" from my very personal point of view. I had a girlfriend quite long ago and I was really madly in love with her. We couldn´t become a couple because of some reasons and there was no right way to get this done. I was surely in the mood to die for her, for a last word of her, her eyes gazing upon me just to guide my way to Valhalla (or so). And I had to let her go because it was a deadend. But letting go is not a rational decision in this position, it is simply the realization that you have to give it up. So you don´t let someone go because you wan´t to, it´s because you know it can´t be done and you are giving it up. This causes horrible pain (this is the worst pain I EVER felt!) and therefore love and pain are for sure combined. Everybody who felt lovesickness will nod his head now. And I realized that both of those feelings just raised my understanding of how I feel love for someone or not. Both are necessary, sometimes you have to suffer to know, why you do so. But love and even pain still give you power to succed in things you never thought of. How about writing love poems? Mostly they aren´t written while you are in love, they are created because of your suffercation. Love hurts *sings along*
  14. You have to deal with: Fight Club Legend Pulp Fiction
  15. First thing first! If you post "what is love?" everybody is forced to answer - "baby don´t hurt me..." :) Well love could be determined as a lie, as in fact it is only a neuronal action of chemicals and electrical stimulation of your synapses. Very romantic, isn´t it? But on the other hand, everybody, who really was mad in love with someone will always tell you that there is simply "more" behind it. A deeper feeling, from your insides and so on. For some love will never exists and for some the will say it is a lie as they deny this feelings because of bad experiences from the past. Maybe in the past people wanted to have manifestion for everything like death and love so they created Amor, Venus, Aphrodite, and so on. But I, for my personal point of view, would never compare the love of a hobby or an object with the emotional love to another beeing. just my two cents
  16. Fun - enjoy - I laughed tears! https://www.facebook.com/AFV/videos/10153997721846661/
  17. The therefore, I thought Jubba is another player name :D happy birthday to both of you!
  18. Very nice idea, especially the last one ;) Here some quick actions from the morning minutes [URL=http://www.pic-upload.de/view-29705255/burst_vd.jpg.html][/URL]
  19. I assume, and from my personal opinion, its like a must have. If an interested player tries to search on most rescent social media sites like FB, and doesn´t find MD or an up to date site, he might get disappointed and deinstered therefore. I was a bit shoked to see the FB page quite ...old...without new content. But I agree, advertisment is a must. So I am offering my help for facebook as well!
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