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  1. What - my former king - makes you do to trow me out? I might be a good friend of Rhaegar, and I might support a friend, but how I support him and if this will affect you, your kingship or his so called rebellion is not proved and declared in any case. You act cruel and put me in prison for what? Spying on conversations in no mans land? What does it tell you? I might support my friend maybe with cookies? If this goes out to personal level of abusing your powers as king (i know you don´t like me same as him), this is not ok. Please define your treatment from mine clear and fine, and judge over b
  2. [quote name='Shnappie' date='07 June 2010 - 10:23 PM' timestamp='1275942214' post='61295'] ok i followed the above guide but still my avatar is not accepted yet this are the remarks Mur has put on it : anyone knows how to do this in Adobe Photoshop CS4 or any other version ? regards [/quote] What kind of file ending do you have right now? .gif .jpg .png? Seek "alpha transparency" into your menu and add this, then seek the color to alpha and hit the white. Shall do it.
  3. Ah Chewett, it might be pointless for you, but sure not for him. You know, war is always something that comes out of misunderstanding of one party.
  4. Everyone satisfied with this answer? At least I am Thank you very much for making a last statement. May Grido have to honor to close this [s]thread[/s] collection of art discussion, please!
  5. I say as well, group together and talk about it. And for you Firs, you shouldn´t disband this easily. There might be a good idea behind organizing problems, but it is still a part of potential development of Loreroot. I am sad to see this that way for those ranger, I haven´t had any idea what they are about and similar but well. Like Tarquinus said, lets unite. offtopic: [i]Fear and rejoice, for Black is King; Fear and rejoice - for everything. [/i] I like!
  6. [quote name='Grido' date='07 June 2010 - 11:49 AM' timestamp='1275904155' post='61230'] Sorry, you're quite right, you never claimed it was your own work.... Sure, art is subjective, i know, but putting together several things without any/much of your own creative input isnt, you used an image from the game (which we dont know if you're allowed to) a template from a paint/similar program, a texture, and a couple colours, i see little creative input, when you take from so many places. [/quote] This is getting pointless. You may find me non-creative, but that is your issue Mr., not mine (t
  7. I see there are two issues in here, one with the logo and one with the group itself. I am so far not involved in the group but I suggest you as well, Rheager my friend, step 10 min away, and rather try to figure out a way together with Firs. Otherwise this will end in complete flaming chaos. If there is an issue with Loreroot and the king don´t want to be involved in this, make in not landbound and call them just the "forest ranger" and we remove the loreroot archer and build in something neutral.
  8. You are much to stubborn to see, art is always subjective on someones view. If you don´t think this is art, fine. But don´t tell me that I can´t call my creations art or others. It is not how it is done, or how simple or not, this even is not the topic and I don´t know why you bother this now. Fact is, we all know what a copyright will mean, and we only wan´t to know if we can use MD content. That´s it, so please stop making a bigger deal of it going to personal levels where blaming folks how "simple" their skills are. Edit: I never claimed something I have done for my own.
  9. Grido, it is so simple. See, I can´t draw. I seek images which seem to be a good part of a pic i have in mind. So i mixed them up, bit by bit, and finally the outcome is a new image. I use MD artwork because it is already part of MD. If I would use outstanding pics there will be no connection to MD and it would not fit as well. That simple I can´t produce anymore what I am about to create for MD, why continue then creating crap? It is like a DJ, he is not creating songs of his own, he only mixess them up and changes them and get a new resulted track. If he can´t use the origin song anymore,
  10. Maybe it is, because we are two different identities with different views of it. I would say as well, I will do until someone asks me to stop. But since I have this "issue" already I ask Mur about it for another topic. This one is the same thing, different day.
  11. Maybe I can´t, maybe I won´t - where is the difference? Do I have to create things on my own? I do my art on my personal way and it is manipulating and composing others work. If I could draw like a freaking genius this topic would never ever been created, isn´t it so? So please stop blaming me for doing high quality s**t with others stuff, my outcome it quite great and I like to keep it that way and only wan´t to have decided if I can continue this way or not. And if not, I am unable to perform my art and I have to stop it, simple but clear statement.
  12. What confuses you. I have talked with Mur about it, yet no response. So and Rhaegar will see if Mur is bothered about it and done. Simple, isn´t it?
  13. Since I get bothered with this for all my current artworks and creation, I´d like to have this decided by Mur. Can I (and so might others maybe) use the ingame artwork and images for only quest and ingame purpose? I need a clear yes or no. If there will be the decision that I have to ask the owner of the image rights every time, i will quit creating MD stuff on my way because I can´t do it otherways and this will consume more time then my whole MD lifecycle in complete. Thanks you
  14. Yes, we know about this Grido, thanks for advertising again. This is still in discussion with Mur. If he decides this will not be allowed, if will be changed accordingly, be sure of that. Opend a topic regarding to this http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/7226-using-of-md-artwork-for-md-purpose/
  15. You are welcome Very interesting indeed. Have to talk to Sparrhawk a bit.
  16. Blackwoodforest


    I dont have one so far but I want to have one done in the future. So far, I haven´t found an artist who is able to make me the tattoo i like - so it will maybe never happen.
  17. [quote name='Pipstickz' date='06 June 2010 - 04:20 AM' timestamp='1275790814' post='61105'] Each stat should have a certain weight to it. For example, tradesense has nothing to do with fighting, so it would mean nothing toward this. Otherwise, I think this is a good idea, except for a few things: a) There are already a limited number of people to fight; perhaps it should only be active on certain days? b) What if you have high stats, but don't know how to fight very well, or don't have certain creatures? c) What if you have high stats, but use 0% slider? d) What about scaling for diffe
  18. New idea - Fighter level for mindpower level http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/7208-fighter-level/
  19. I have an idea and I guess it will fit here. How about creating a "fighter level" for each mindpower level (or only mp4 and mp5). The fighter level could start at level A and counting from a range of stats like 50-150 attack (just as example). Fighter level B will start at 151 attack and so on. Each fighter level will be compare before a fight cumulates all stats and boosts and divides income and outcome into a percentage way. Like this. Player 1, fighter level C attacks Player 2, fighter level A. All stats/counts for Player 1 will be counted only x0.8 times because he is 2 level above.
  20. [quote name='Chewett' date='31 May 2010 - 11:31 AM' timestamp='1275298281' post='60681'] Please learn to READ announcements [/quote] Allright allright, close it then.
  21. maybe this is coded to be so but: If I sort my creatures, the sorting does not stay permanent. If I switch onto another screen and go back the basic order is restored.
  22. The former idea of some MD players looking hot/nerdy was nice, but to seek someone from the internet looking both shouldn´t be that difficult cause you can simple seek a celebrity and you will find a lot of paparazzi pics for all the matching criteria, isn´t it so? I don´t want to make down you quest, if you will keep it like this ok - in then end it is your decession at all.
  23. from my personal point of view I dont see a big issue here since I use MD graphic for a non-commercial and even md-internal use, it is something so push gameplay and roleplay. Of course, in general you might be right watcher for sure. I will check this as well and we will see.
  24. Dramatical and somehow sad, I wonder if this will fit with your book or is it something completly different? For me, there are 3 persons in you: Manu, Muratus del Mur and MUR (the mix between first both) I especialy like the [i]"I hide in lines, in code I see"[/i] Nice work, is there something you want to tell us with it? Life is a bit** ...we all know...
  25. Oh something like a buddy-holiday ^^ - well have fun then - you all! (really like to be there, someday)
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