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  1. Question: Assume you are a new player or do just don´t know the MD people at all. Will you be able to find the 3 employess by reading their papers or only if you know them a bit in personal?
  2. Îs reading Prison Quest entries....

  3. Gimme a clue ^^...

    1. dst


      No clues for tree lovers!!!

    2. (Zl-eye-f)-nea
    3. dst


      Boo to you too!! And hiss to you also!

  4. One aged 130 and one age 28, hit me with an offer, pm or post it. Will be sold immediate on nice looking offer. Trading for a premium loreroot archers possible, both jokers for one archer
  5. Due to my absence caused by personal reasons, I will still accept entries until the end of this week. Then I will choose a winner for a wishpoint.
  6. prison dairy need to be filled, go for this quest!

  7. I ask the mods to please remove the attached image on the first post. Since there is no clarification about this, this image should not be pronounced any longer. Thank you
  8. [quote name='argos' date='11 June 2010 - 11:27 AM' timestamp='1276248438' post='61623'] does it have to be real, i mean you said be creative so i kinda made it umm... err... bah can we write anything? as long as it's related to the prison? [/quote] Is my quest really that hard to understand? Please read it again carefully and you will get all you answers from the quest text.
  9. I see an issue here, those "none-golden" but similar avis can be stolen easily from your papers and be treaten like those. A noobish player could maybe buy them from someone assuming it is an original. I don´t like the idea. maybe you should exchange the color or ask Mur about this in first instance?
  10. Blackwoodforest


    YOu seem to be a big meat-muscle mountain ^^ great tattoo!!
  11. [quote name='argos' date='10 June 2010 - 07:44 PM' timestamp='1276191893' post='61579'] any limit on number of words (hope there isn't ) [/quote] I am not a friend of counting words. Feel free to express yourself into an non counting words contest
  12. [quote name='apophys' date='10 June 2010 - 03:04 PM' timestamp='1276175075' post='61565'] Upload to an image hosting site, (like imageshack.us) and link it here. That should do it. [/quote] Ha...dont you think I did not before! I remember UTOB, the Forum BB code does not allow most of it.
  13. [quote name='argos' date='10 June 2010 - 01:12 PM' timestamp='1276168367' post='61560'] What are the prizes??? [/quote] Always asking before a work is done, huh? I will not fix it but I will make it worth, i promise. OK? If you know my quests at least a bit, you will be satisfied with this answer. Another question was: So ur telling us to write a story about a person we spent a day with, where he is in prision??? If so, do i have to know the guy who was imprisoned??? My answer: No, he is in prison. Maybe you are there, maybe not. This is the only thing that I want to have as trut
  14. to add a question i got: Do we automatically win if we say what he actually does and says in prison? Answer: NO you got it wrong, its is not about the truth or so. It is really only about a maybe funny, maybe serious prison dairy. If your write rubbish about anything it will be fine as long as it fits into a nice prison story. Creativity will be judged, not real happenings. If you want to bring up real happening, you might, but then your writerstyle shall be freaking cool!
  15. How the...yes it was full! Thank you Grido for mentioning this, PMs should reach me now. (hopefully!)
  16. [img]http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/1153/prisonrebel1.png[/img] There goes out another quest of me. As most you realized, something happend around Princ Rhaegar. He was imprisoned! [b]Why? For what? How long?[/b] [u]That´s up to you now this is your quest part.[/u] Write me [u]only[/u] via Forum PM(!) one day of his sight in prison. His emotion, his words, maybe his soliloquies or talks to other prisoners. Whatever! I want you all to write honest and clear what he might think and do. [color="#FF0000"]IMPORTANT![/color] Whatever you will be writing, i promise here to you all, e
  17. Rhaegar, you really, really should have written such a post to firs itself of public in forum to discuss before turning whole things down. I know you are willing to do so much and got hold back and you temper exploded. Just my opinion my friend. You are quite a splendid leader for the Savelites and I am hoping and waiting the day you get back there.
  18. I would like to point out, that I never wanted to start a rebellion or revolution. I always wanted and will help a friend in need, this might have been difficult to see. It is sad things turned out that way (as I sad before multiple times. I never wanted to harm Loreroot or even the now poor Savelites. As I see history little by little I am getting involved in a big piece a dung. To say to Firs, I think it was unfair to put me in jail and I like to return to my former state. I rather like to be lorerootian again, I rather like to be a savelites again, For which i accept the rules of Lo
  19. I am not a terrorist nor I want to be called that way! We all are not! This is simple flaming and not productive and only makes our reputation bad. Our actions will declare us what we are, since we haven´t done anything, don´t judge over us outstanding there.
  20. Starting a new election, may it be pronounced from Rhaegar as example, will already put him as a traitor of his land, isn´t it? Because it might show other that he isn´t in agreement with the kings business. That makes him a traitor and that therefore the king will throw him into jail instantly and the person is no even able to start election preparations. Even though, a jail and called out "traitor" will already lose his reputation from the whole land and members, so he is not even able to gather his folks around. Hopefully I can make myself clear. Example. I say, we should make a new k
  21. No I haven't ment to call you or anyone else a Nazi, it was just the first but best example for this kind of judgment in my eyes. Don´t hung up on this, please. I´d like to talk to you in privacy about this please.
  22. [quote name='Firsanthalas' date='08 June 2010 - 02:15 PM' timestamp='1275999306' post='61353'] Ok. You have participated in a very public display of intent to incite rebellion and civil war in Loreroot. [/quote] Can you please show me this, where this accusatorial is written, similar as your log? As for my understanding, I got punished because I am friend of a public enemy. It is similar for me like in WW2 times, where the Nazis jails all friends of Jews only because of being friends of them? They have not been involved in anything, similar to me. I wont say what I am, I am not the one wh
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