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  1. Yes someone in loreroot has this avi, stays mostly in sage´s inn.
  2. Then one gold for the aramor only
  3. Your post added in the final book, haven´t forget to read and judge it, but only to combine. I am sorry for this.
  4. Way to much to list but I´ll try to list my favourites of old times: PC: Syndicate UFO: Enemy unknown Transport Tycoon Lemmings Ultima 7: Pagan Might & Magic 3 ! The settlers 1 (Die Siedler) Duke Nukem Heretic Day of tentacle more to come...
  5. One Gold for the left pimped and the aramor a package
  6. [quote name='Udgard' date='05 July 2010 - 12:48 PM' timestamp='1278326906' post='63419'] Forgive me for not really understanding English terms.. what's a reserve? [/quote] I just asked the same His response: zleiphneir a reserve in an auction is the equivaent of saying if bids do not reach above that amount, i will not sell the item
  7. Imperial Aramor ID 534496 - 6 silver Pimped Grassan ID 611694 - 4 silver
  8. Maybe Aysun will take a closer look at my entry and then a link will appear magically where all entries are gathered as prison diary book.
  9. quest results are here!

  10. [center][img]http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/1153/prisonrebel1.png[/img][/center] First, thank you all for your entries! Judgment was hard, because I liked several entries. I am proud to announce the finished diary! I won´t tell who wrote which entry (you might find out for yourself for sure), but the winner are: [b] 1. Place [color="#FF0000"]Fyrd Argentus[/color] ===> 1 wishpoint for you! Reason: Reading his entry made me laugh several times as I could follow the charming story, well done. 2. Place [color="#FF0000"]MrHolyOne[/color] ===> one gold coin for you! Reason: He wrote in a changing style, emotional touch included.[/b] Have fun reading it folks! http://storenow.net/my/?f=2121 Cheers Blackwood!
  11. Kafuuka entered this alread for UTOB, but I hasn´t fit the style of the book so I didn´t placed it in, which does not mean, I haven´t laughed a lot! ^^
  12. Well this can turn into circles. So you, Totenkopf, like to visit places with your papers other citizens don´t can. But then this can be claimed for all other lands as well, yet Loreroot is open to all as well, and where is the benefit of the papers for them? Simply useless imho. I do support this idea, don´t get me wrong. I just want to point out this need to be chosen wisely and fair to other paper owners. You could maybe make the papers to use to get to the angiens shrine maybe for example.
  13. Prison rebel participants please read contest page!!!

  14. [color="#FF0000"]Results will be announced soon, does any of the participants has a problem with being announced if they maybe won? PM me instantly![/color] Mods - please close this topic - no more entries will be accepted. Thank you all
  15. is judging quest entries

  16. looking for 1 or 2 of them. PM me please if you offer one and your price you are looking for. Thank you
  17. @Mods - topic can be closed, thank you.
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