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  1. I miss ya!


    1. (Zl-eye-f)-nea
    2. Blackwoodforest


      Hey mate, would be nice to get into touch with you somehow again, its bin a while but I really enjoyed ol days. Contact me somehow here, leave a PM how to contact you. Cheers!

  2. I second all of you - I can´t even navigate right. Horrible.
  3. I would suggest then to remove this 5 free credits offers from them MD register page, as it doesn´t work.
  4.   If you see the topic about a "must see movie" I assume the movie to have something special to turn the movie into really something special for everyone. Otherwise, it should be more a topic like "movies I like". Don´t get me wrong folks, I like a lot of movies, but I do only mention the ones I really would turn out to be something special for others as well. Thanks
  5. Deffo not, there is nothing special in this movie imho.   Must see:   clash of titans - NOT the remake, old one!   Equilibrium   Ip-Man (Trilogy) A beautiful mind   Hellraiser (1+2) no remake, old ones Insidous (1)   The green mile  
  6.   Haven´t found the spoiler section yes - thanks. Yes, indeed. My bad, I forgot a lot it seems since them. I thought all the trees do basicly regen according to the player stats regen only.   Thank you! Very good explained this time.   @topic can be closed.
  7. Here is the fight log for all interested, same behaviour again - 3 trees, all dead - 3 priest - got regen vit yet. [log=fight log] Loading klawdees creatures Loading Blackwood Forest creatures Applying 100% of klawdees's energetic influence Applying 0% of Blackwood Forest's energetic influence Influences for klawdees ###### Authorial Winderwild (841867): poweraura, regenaura, attackbonus, freeze Animated Tree I (849938) gets frozen Majestic Winderwild (841924): poweraura, regenaura, attackbonus, freeze Unholy Priest (849012) gets frozen Grounded Winderwild (841978): poweraura, regenaura, at
  8. As far as I know you can´t pass the bull on MP3 without beating him, right?
  9.   You are right in this, I haven´t look upon the fight log, yet - will do and state if I see something. For the regen part of influence - yes, I know, but thats why I am asking you know? I am aware of the , lets call them, basics. Will get back with more information in this.
  10. Allright, try to stay factual, you start to annoy me without a reason.   1. first level (why does this matter - please explain) 2. def rit - zero stats. 3. factual: I know. Haven´t I said so as well?   4. Why - please explain factual then - do my basic tree regen, my other creatures regen but only those two trees do NOT!? Thank you Mr. Mp5, don´t you?   Oh - and please stop editing my posts with reason or the edited by hidden! Thank you!
  11. You really HAVE to read my topics better! 1. New player ! 2. Received the ALL the messages! 3. The charater has 7 wins and 1 lost fight counter...and is ready for Mp4 now except heat amount.  
  12. Maybe I don´t get it but my two colored shop root warriors do not regen after getting killed in a fight. They stay always at zero health and so the ritual gets broken. But  yes, as the regen attributes do regen a part of the VE, all other creatures in the ritual involved do regen as they should do.   Is this a bug on my side?
  13. I just created a new player to get MD known from the scratch again and the following bugs happend on tutorial tasks:   - win and lose 100 fights = I fought only the shades and the win and the lose counter achivement immediately said it was completed, though it isn´t! - the bull at the path of loneliness appeard, I stepped one scene back and there again and it disappeard yet it wasn´t ever battled.   Someone ever heard of such issues?
  14.   I am trying to take a look as a new player on the game. And therefore, Loreroot exit has not Knator, so I think this is simply wrong. If other NPCs are there, allright, but focused on the current state. I know those tips are more then 5 years old and I think they should be revised.
  15. Today the tips showed me this:     Some of the characters in the game are not actually NPC's but actual characters you can talk to and interact with. Check out the Knator Commander at the back Loreroot exit..   Really? Knator Commander? Pls show me! And other NPCs as well....at least one! ha ha
  16. I haven´t found anything regarding this but lets try to not get things spoilerd.   If this ability hits another player its slightly ...nothing...about some points attribute loss. As a suggestion that this ability should be applied in a percentage and not defined values? This would spice up those creature quite a lot, right? Let me know folks.
  17. As I understood, it is not a question about APs , its a question of loyality gained etc.
  18. I agree to Ungods opinion about Vets. For most new or non-vet players an alliance is still a very shiny thing whichs you makes want to become a member of it, to deal with land stuff etc. People want to belong to "groups", social thing.     Question to Mur: How will you make a land loyality enter portal to new players or rare active persons who´d never or rarely entered necrovion before? This means only Vets might be able then....
  19. Alliance does not need to have a king, as you said, its only a role ..with benefits.
  20. First thing, as mentioned above: Why does the land need to have an alliance and why can´t it still exists in this way without one? Where is the king of Necro? Why should the land be punished or changes for something technical.   How about the "established housings"? Will you "close" the path of loneliness then? What will happend to Bob if the alliance disappear on day?   That´s just a forced social pushing from my point of view. As Burns already mentioned too, some things are bound to this game.
  21. I agree, there is no alliance needed to "feel" like a true Necrovian citizen or you name it. But its kind of needed for ingame balance of game related features like wars, leadership discussions, further games , etc. In this aspect, we should ask if a disbanned alliance need to stay that way. Why can´t NC not simply build another one? you know, elections, politics etc?
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