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  1. I miss ya!


    1. (Zl-eye-f)-nea
    2. Blackwoodforest


      Hey mate, would be nice to get into touch with you somehow again, its bin a while but I really enjoyed ol days. Contact me somehow here, leave a PM how to contact you. Cheers!

  2. I second all of you - I can´t even navigate right. Horrible.
  3. I would suggest then to remove this 5 free credits offers from them MD register page, as it doesn´t work.
  4. If you see the topic about a "must see movie" I assume the movie to have something special to turn the movie into really something special for everyone. Otherwise, it should be more a topic like "movies I like". Don´t get me wrong folks, I like a lot of movies, but I do only mention the ones I really would turn out to be something special for others as well. Thanks
  5. Deffo not, there is nothing special in this movie imho. Must see: clash of titans - NOT the remake, old one! Equilibrium Ip-Man (Trilogy) A beautiful mind Hellraiser (1+2) no remake, old ones Insidous (1) The green mile
  6. Haven´t found the spoiler section yes - thanks. Yes, indeed. My bad, I forgot a lot it seems since them. I thought all the trees do basicly regen according to the player stats regen only. Thank you! Very good explained this time. @topic can be closed.
  7. Here is the fight log for all interested, same behaviour again - 3 trees, all dead - 3 priest - got regen vit yet. [log=fight log] Loading klawdees creatures Loading Blackwood Forest creatures Applying 100% of klawdees's energetic influence Applying 0% of Blackwood Forest's energetic influence Influences for klawdees ###### Authorial Winderwild (841867): poweraura, regenaura, attackbonus, freeze Animated Tree I (849938) gets frozen Majestic Winderwild (841924): poweraura, regenaura, attackbonus, freeze Unholy Priest (849012) gets frozen Grounded Winderwild (841978): poweraura, regenaura, at
  8. As far as I know you can´t pass the bull on MP3 without beating him, right?
  9. You are right in this, I haven´t look upon the fight log, yet - will do and state if I see something. For the regen part of influence - yes, I know, but thats why I am asking you know? I am aware of the , lets call them, basics. Will get back with more information in this.
  10. Allright, try to stay factual, you start to annoy me without a reason. 1. first level (why does this matter - please explain) 2. def rit - zero stats. 3. factual: I know. Haven´t I said so as well? 4. Why - please explain factual then - do my basic tree regen, my other creatures regen but only those two trees do NOT!? Thank you Mr. Mp5, don´t you? Oh - and please stop editing my posts with reason or the edited by hidden! Thank you!
  11. You really HAVE to read my topics better! 1. New player ! 2. Received the ALL the messages! 3. The charater has 7 wins and 1 lost fight counter...and is ready for Mp4 now except heat amount.
  12. Maybe I don´t get it but my two colored shop root warriors do not regen after getting killed in a fight. They stay always at zero health and so the ritual gets broken. But yes, as the regen attributes do regen a part of the VE, all other creatures in the ritual involved do regen as they should do. Is this a bug on my side?
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