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Status Updates posted by zalabar

  1. the Grassan is selling Grasans.

  2. kicking trees, particularly bob, Lup-a-lup :P

  3. Beware, Someone wants to make a Staff out of Bob. beware the COM!

  4. you know, I'm kind of having a hard time holding back the peta jokes. anyhow, be warned, I might accidentally blurt some twisted joke the next time we run into eachother :P

  5. sad, to loose a pet that is close to you, is like loosing a piece of what makes you, you. here's to your pup, probably running around in doggie heaven. *sips his tea*

  6. How do you tan a grapefruit? stick it in the microwave and nuke it. :P here's to the mistress of books. *raises a cup of tea*

  7. interesting picture, of Ravens, and a golden skinned man... now if he only had hourglass eyes.

  8. if you can talk the stalk, why don't you walk the Stalk?

  9. That makes two of us, lassie.

  10. now, I am going to ask... what?

  11. looks like I am going to have fun talking to people.

  12. nevermind that, one How are you?

  13. Nevermind, that, there's another feller, Theslesmar, or something, great guy, but is also stuck in Golemus.

  14. heh, your rep's back to normal. as sad as that is. :P

  15. oh man, that took a time to scroll down. say... isn't "tales of the past" a name of some series of movies?

  16. so... when am I going to be able to escape... I mean be released from Golemus? It's getting kinda Droll being stuck over here with no one, aside from a bunch of clanking Aramors.

  17. heh, You're One? Joking :P. still, congrats.

  18. Ho, man Congrats! Have a great wedding!

  19. ah, life in technicolour?

  20. those cheeses sounds wonderful. How about the local alcohol?

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