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  1. Kids, Blessing and Bane of work. If you want to know, my bane, it's them Silver Salmon. XD

  2. Lol, jeeze, you just know them funny jokes. :P

  3. Coffee! noms, BEER! Chugs!

  4. looks like the bride's a lucky gal. :P you needs some Thumbs up.

  5. *trusts Her* sure do do. think it's because people naturally didn't like you?

  6. wow, just joined today, and your already have negative four.

  7. ooh, Elven tea! I had White lotus and Chinese white rose fruits, in a tea.

  8. Summer! Drat, off by a season. And To answer your thought... I ha'e no idea.

  9. how's spring there?

  10. I dub thee, in my way, Snaketongue the chugger! *wink*

  11. nothing new, just swatting flies, preping for winter training, ect.

  12. my way of saying hello, Marm.

  13. I use categories, Opinions, and facts. :D

  14. Land of the Misty Cloud, Land of the Tempest Loud, Land of the brave and proud, Land of the Free. The spirit of Scotia Reigns Fearless and Free!

  15. want to exchange favorite tea's sometime?

  16. well, Alaska has our Own PETA union. can you guess it's name?

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