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  1. who's being mean? is the spookie finally coming out of the closet?

  2. So much...power! It's Unbelieveable! heh, hiya, fellow draco-spear fan.

  3. heh, isn't that a striking sight, to watch the crowned jewels fall... here's to not having anything break.

  4. *Just...pokes* :D couldn't resist.

  5. ' and they were fast as lightning!'

  6. uh... Linden treees!

  7. Hello... I seem to have lost my memory... I have Amnesia!

  8. Enigma... are your a puzzling figure.

  9. yay, college, going to be a 'fun' year! I'm off freezing my butt off, while you're sitting in a warm room.

  10. 'Ello Poppitz. (pun)

  11. Is Back, for Mur knows how long. :D

  12. since when does a A-dult go to school? uh... College?

  13. man, I got to introduce you to Dragonlance. :D (try reading the first series, by the original writers)

  14. Bark Bark! Hiya there. :D

  15. Hows our great Animorph?

  16. *snicker snicker* did you know that Alaskans Club SEALS on the heads with big wooden maces?

  17. we all need larger coffee mugs, :D

  18. if you drink so much tea... Don't you have to go Teapee?

  19. Gutting fish.... Wow, what are with all of them disliking people? I actually think you're a swell lass. maybe, a two thumbs up every once in a while, might clear that up. :S

  20. beats me, it's from a Medley.

  21. here's a songie one. LOLOMGWTG Dairy Queen, LOLOMG^BB the Q!

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