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  1. heh, I hope you've heard of CaramellDansen... *starts dancing the Caramelldansen*

  2. you lay it across the floor, roll it around you a few laps around, then with the rest, drape it around one shoulders like a sash

  3. Ooh, school, better than freezing my rear off, and watching out for things that'll eat you.

  4. dunno, but if we do, be warned... I pun.

  5. yeah, nice porkers, eh? how about Wallace and Grummit?

  6. Just uh.... Brilliant. hihihih, I'm a-dancing to Dragostea Din Tei. :D

  7. ah, well, at least it's green there *grins* up in the slope, it's all white.

  8. hey, What's Up Chuck? *snort snort hee hee hee* what's with your odd little update bubble?

  9. I'm going to have to brush up on my Irish, and kilt jokes now, for what I saw this morning :P.

  10. (hey, I was right, over a hundred and seventy five days than you have. :P) like you?

  11. Wilbur, from Charlotte's web?

  12. -_0 *uses the whip to whip-poke him*

  13. *thinks about poking but decides to wave and say* Heya! How's the Rolling hills of England?

  14. ... *WAAAAAH* My first friend on md's leaving! I need to make a card... and a Cake... with a steak... Do visit if you ever can.
  15. *Gahrawrzers*!!!! *Ha'e a pine nut cake*

  16. Pun-dering (pondering) about if you know who Wilbur is.

  17. hows the art life going?

  18. Just...pokes....with a leather whip....* Couldn't resist. XDD

  19. lol@at everyone.

  20. I wonder how Bobbity is... in Technicolour! Yayz! :P

  21. who's being mean? is the spookie finally coming out of the closet?

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