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  1. while I have no idea who the guy is, any of the facts, aside of the HC competition, all I can say, in my opinion I'd make a three tally system where it starts with warning/probation, second, (eras now) a thick punishment, the judge's choice of punishment. and three's being banned. all my opinion, and based off the Alaskan-American punishment for DUIs.

  2. Ooh man! all this Bio-chem stuff is just amazing! And how all this is being changed into MD style is just absolutly gorgous!

    Keep up the freaky-deaky cool-mind-boggling/expanding work, and I can't wait for this new test!

    :good: ^_^

    Your friendly neiborhood salad,

    Zalabar, AKA the undead Salad Bar

  3. it can help establishing a personal presence, as in Rping, and getting to know people, with friends, you can get help to get stronger.

    The other way, is asking for help, there are plenty of nice people that are willing to help. Including me. heh.

    Enjoy MP4.

  4. lets see... a long list, so I'll just cut down to the authors, and their styles.

    John Ringo: Military SiFi, Science fiction with the real Science in it, Military.

    This guy is one of the best writers in my opinion, where it goes into the [i]Legacy of the Aldeetna[/i] series where earth is invaded,

    [i]Paladin Among Shadows[/i] series is the books that follow a certain Navy Seal on his... Unusurall trips ranging from America, to Eastern Europe.

    and the [i]Vorpal Blade[/i] series is the book he writes with Travis S. Taylor, a scientist that helps john with making the mook as real as possible.

    [i]Star Wars: Darth Bane, Path of Distruction[/i] is a Star Wars book that comes before the movies come, (I.E if you played Knights of the Old Republic you'll understand better) And if you have such a brilliant imagionation, you can enter Bane's world and see evil, feel evil, and so on. (this can help you darker RPing folks out quite a bit)

    The Poems by Edgar Allen Poe, I'm a fan of, jeeze, I have so~ many books to talk about... and yet... never enough time... :D

    I'll look into your guys books at tital wave sometime.

  5. While I am sure, I stand no chance against any of these excellent poets, I with to toss in my two cents of poetry.

    [b]The song of death's love.[/b]
    Set aside the buried light
    Of candle, torch, and rotting wood,
    And listen to the turn of night
    Caught in your rising blood.

    How quiet is the midnight, love,
    How warm the winds where ravens fly,
    Where all the changing moonlight, love,
    Pales in your glowing eye.

    How loud your heart is calling, love,
    How close the light at your breast,
    How hectic are the rivers, love,
    Drawn through your dying wrist.

    And love, what heat your frail skin hides,
    As pure as salt, as sweet as death,
    And in the dark, the white moon rides,
    The foxfire of your breath.

    Knights of death, no longer dying, watch as people die around them. this poem talks of what ever love, or lust a death knight can feel, after their emotions dying with their previous life.
    [b]Vows of the wed.[/b]
    But you and I, through burning plains,
    through darkness of the earth,
    affirm the world, its people,
    the heavens that gave them birth,
    the breath that passes between us,
    this new home where we stand,
    and all those things made larger by
    the vows between woman and man.

    that was a poem of wedding vows. (don't ask why I typed this :lol: )

    After some thinking,and some searching around my house, and typing italian onto a american keyboard I show a poem I wrote a time ago, I don't know if it qualifies as a poem, but it's really nice. it fits excelent in the language of Italian, (translations to show what it says.)

    [b]"L'aria, il mio amore A lei. "[/b]

    Amor mio, caro bene
    Perché vai lontan da me?
    Giurasti un amor, che mai non dovea
    Aver fine per noi

    Nei momenti di tristezza
    Nei momenti di dolor
    A te, mia stella, penso
    Con infinito ardore

    Un legame senza speme
    Perché mai dovrei aver?
    Che cosa tu vuoi ch'io faccia oramai
    Mi devi dire tu

    Ti ringrazio, caro bene
    Amor mio, vita mia
    Al grave doler, al buio timor
    Che il cuore mi turbó

    Dolcemente, con amore
    Hai risposto al mio gridare
    Per sempre ognor, per sempre ognor
    Qui a me, t'attenderò

    [b]"Aria, my love To you."[/b]

    My love, dear one
    Why do you go so far from me?
    You swore a love that should have never
    Have an end for us

    In times of sadness
    In times of pain
    I think of you, my star
    With infinite ardor

    Why must I have
    A bond without hope?
    What would you have me do now?
    You must tell me

    I thank you, dear one
    My love, my life
    To the grave sorrow, to the dark fear
    That disturbed my heart

    Sweetly, with love
    You have answered to my cries
    Forever, every day, forever, everyday
    I shall wait for you here

    it's a song of love, "why a song of love, saladbar?" well I wanted to write a poem of love for someone that I lost... (really in life *sniffs a bit* then I thought, and decided that she'll always be with me in my heart.)

    I thank you for reading this all.

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