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  1. 'is obsessed'... With Money!

  2. Hiya, New picture, eh?

  3. Hic... Hello, A, Pleasant to say hello.

  4. *prod of Curiousity & Mood!*

  5. aye, needs to get the '09 updated.

  6. Nebber! there is a band picture, in my one gallery...

  7. huh, another year added to life, Another year Closer to death. :P H-B.

  8. *rawr* ... I got that right... right?

  9. huh, must be something that's british... what I said doesn't refer anyone's a child, but is asking of you ever heard of the movie, and liked it.

  10. Lol... don't make me get my joke book from the fair out. :P

  11. who can't thank you for the funny drawings?

  12. pouting? didn't like it?

  13. really? need a rose whip with that Kiss? *whoopah!*

  14. aye, I bet if each person thought of the idiots, in the end everybody would be on the list, one way, or another.

  15. yeah, I was just bored... how're you?

  16. say, ever heard of Forest Gump?

  17. I second that thought, Raven,

  18. aye, those were the good ol videos, Wot!

  19. pun, like using words to make really bad jokes... Water you Tacoing about?

  20. EEEK! Keesis! That ees Veery unkindee, but what the' Haay, *poke*

  21. and no, I don't mean Gaelic. :Phttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PH446iuE8V0 for you two wuvbirds. XD

  22. :P well, the kilt'll keep you warm, and be your bed... and that's lame, apologizing and getting flamed? that's baaaad
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