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  1. I miss the grinning dog-face.

  2. *yawns*? you mean *Yawnies*

  3. ...? If the World was a Stage, I would be the guard with a Tesla Taser

  4. what's up chuck? (pun intended)

  5. Mmph! *restrains making a bad joke*

  6. I think I will try my hand While I do not have any Ideas at hand the thought of showing ideas is true, But I Favor Ravin's idea, For Soosth. (old knight saying) I will run the edge for leader although my chances, slim. I only hope I am worthy. to take on a role. Tribunal, lands of the east is an intriguing place, many hidden meanings, many things yet to be revealed. I would not propose a way to go for this alliance, aside that it is not as dark as Raven or Phantasm proposes, I like what the others have said, a place to learn, to remember, A place to think, and let out minds wand
  7. thanks... nice hat!

  8. Zalabar Czez hi! (pun Intended)

  9. huh... so... puzzle, what do you think is your weirdest hobby, (either MD character, or personally :P)

  10. LordRastlin (some new guy, wants to be A master Magus)
  11. ... Quote (Zl-eye-f)-nea, around now.

  12. All Hail The Dick with no Stick! *snort snort* Also Known as Richard's pet Granny's Nose.

  13. last sentence is in Latin, you could look under the german/latin sentences for the translations. :P

  14. *blink blink* ... wowzers... __ Chew.. Got new information over that this is in someone elses, hands, and the people, have been chosen somehow, oddly enough. as sad as that is, I'll pop over to the Caretakers, and see if they need help.
  15. 'is obsessed'... With Money!

  16. Hiya, New picture, eh?

  17. Hic... Hello, A, Pleasant to say hello.

  18. *prod of Curiousity & Mood!*

  19. aye, needs to get the '09 updated.

  20. I can join the Seats of Six. going to have to do some personal updating...some RP... maybe, finding other responsible oddballs, and I'll read up on what 'Tribunal' is.
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