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  1. it shows through how many unique people that stop on by, in how much MD is "worth" pure hypothetical.

    I payed attention to the chart at most, it seemed that we've had a slow coming with new friends, and old friends falling out.

  2. wow, we both came up with similar Ideas?

    well, drat.

    Great idea, it's a great fitting to add. I just had the oddest thought, you might become the new quest master who hands them critters out like... uh... Alek(someth'n someth'n)

    well, Good luck with your critter.

    (Now, if I can only learn how to set up them stats...)

  3. I kind of think of helping the newbies out at the very beginning of their entrance to the world, I personally believe, if you introduce them to RP at their early age, tell them a few stories about some story, help orientate them to the World of MD, don't bias them to lean to any one side, teach them the very few rules of this great game, essentially, be a mentor.

    It gives them a much easier start, a better understanding of what goes on in the world, and helps ensure that MD will have a fresh batch of good people that will make the game more interesting.

    Don't see this happening soon, but I like to give thanks to all of the live help and veterans that dedicate their time to helping new people out.

    of course there is my personal pet peeve of idiots that use abbreviations of English words, furthering the language being butchered into just bizarre things.... Cheers!

  4. while I don't know if this is even allowed around here, but in my opinion, everyone needs a place to have a break, so I'll create a small simple game.

    Eight words to make a short sentence where people add their little oddities to each post, weaving maybe the oddest story that might go around

    so, lets say "Once"

    then someone under that would add their choices word like "there" and then "was" "a" "weird" "Wookie"

    and while that goes on, we'll have our own, story made by all (or some) of MD's great (or odd) minds.

    Lets keep this clean Ya'll. :)


  5. LOL Oh my god! HAHA!

    I was going to say, how they don't do good discipline at home or school, no... lets say... beatings, ever seen a whiffle ball paddle with them little holes in them?

    but instead of plastic, make it Strong Oakwood with little strips of aluminum grooving it's surface.
    care to guess where I got that idea?

    kids don't get discipline over what's right or wrong, where-as their parents were treated strictly by their parents, so the kid's parents don't want to be that 'harsh'

    heh, my diet of discipline includes: One Oakwood Switch.

  6. don't forget the term "starting with a .22" heh, you get kids trying to shoot larger calibers than what adults 40+ got to shoot (if they had a gun) and it was a chain of BB+Pellet+Larger Pellet=.22 cal, now the skip it entirely...

    kids are getting dumbed down, driving more reckless, being bubble-heads, no sense of proper insults, puns, good pranks, actual honor, not thinking of using a drill from Shop Class as a weapon, not doing so much major Graffiti, being (pardons to any) 'sexually' mature, while having the mental state of 2-4 years younger than what they are.

    inability to controll their hormonal hissyfits, dressing more and more skimpy,(girls, generally) thinking that living minimum wage and not getting a higher lifestyle is cool (both) and 'gagsta' wearing prison clothing, (I.E clothing that constantly falls down between your ankles) getting more involved in crime of any kind, (boys more generally)

    the list goes so bloody on for so long, I'd have to spend a day listing all of the odds and ends of the generations today.

  7. hope you don't mind me pointing out that it seems like the Lorerootians have the upper hand over Marinds bell lands due to the fact that they have the faster way from capitals as seeing the rear exit for loreroot.

    just to say, this would most likely tip the hand of the torch competition to loreroot.

    two thumbs up for the new competition. :P

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