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  1. 'when there's nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire.' Already done that.

  2. *Assira the Black has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello?* ... Hello?

  3. hey, Nice car man! even though I can see the top, still looking nice.

  4. ... don't make me find my book of muffin-talk.

    it'll de-taco your conversations.

  5. what are you two saying?

  6. how's the... shadowy goodness going?

  7. what's on my mind? ... Cheeseballs... What's on your mind?

  8. I miss the grinning dog-face.

  9. *yawns*? you mean *Yawnies*

  10. ...? If the World was a Stage, I would be the guard with a Tesla Taser

  11. what's up chuck? (pun intended)

  12. Mmph! *restrains making a bad joke*

  13. thanks... nice hat!

  14. Zalabar Czez hi! (pun Intended)

  15. huh... so... puzzle, what do you think is your weirdest hobby, (either MD character, or personally :P)

  16. ... Quote (Zl-eye-f)-nea, around now.

  17. All Hail The Dick with no Stick! *snort snort* Also Known as Richard's pet Granny's Nose.

  18. last sentence is in Latin, you could look under the german/latin sentences for the translations. :P

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