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  1. I'll respond for Aeoshattr... "well you look like a pedophile that has no cerebral control over his lower part of his face/jaw" :P (Joking. Or Am I?!? but really, I'm joking.)

  2. Heya Aeo, haven't heard from you for a while.

  3. Hello, How's the wanderings?

  4. astral plain? don't you mean "go inside Mur's Astral Brain"?

  5. ... I still think Granos is now an crocodile-centuar alien now.... yeah, flame me for making a joke. not as bad as the time I met Michael Moore, who is a moron... bad times... bad times. then again, meeting Jeff Dunham topped that negative.
  6. Congrats, *thumbs up* also means my wanderings of Tribunal won't be so lonely now.
  7. now that's some unbelievable power. :P ... not many people commenting here,

  8. 'when there's nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire.' Already done that.

  9. a god-king?.... Are you saying you're an Alien now, Granos? (note: God-king in relations the the [i]Legacy of the Aldettna[/i] series)
  10. *Assira the Black has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello?* ... Hello?

  11. hey, Nice car man! even though I can see the top, still looking nice.

  12. ... don't make me find my book of muffin-talk.

    it'll de-taco your conversations.

  13. huh, always seems like there's plenty of time for reading new events, and that wot-not.
  14. what are you two saying?

  15. how's the... shadowy goodness going?

  16. is that a pun because I have a tendancy to hang around there? or literally? anyhow, sounds interesting. I should stop by and visit sometime.
  17. ... knator Dung? ... nevermind and a Janitor alliance? that would really make it intresting (aye, and if it is a janitor alliance, we're going to do the 'scrubs' thing with doc mackie)
  18. and people with no idea over what to do with power can end up being the 'puppet king' (or leader, whatever) (maybe we should have a debate over this sometime in MD.) then again that might not really happen, other than peer-pressure. *edit to add another opinion*
  19. what's on my mind? ... Cheeseballs... What's on your mind?

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