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  1. [url="http://www.last.fm/listen/artist/Light%2BOf%2BAidan/similarartists#pane=webRadioPlayer&station=%252Flisten%252Fartist%252FLight%252BOf%252BAidan%252Fsimilarartists"]Light of Aidan Radio Station.[/url]

    I prefer Lament from Cafe del Mar vol 12.


    a song that granos has in his music list.


    a very nice arrangement.


    Radiohead's song.


    one of the group's personal songs.


    [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVNjx4k8mWk&feature=related"]same band, but more upbeat. Cruxshadows.[/url]

  2. after an hour of going through my library, I found an ancient paperback book labeled 'Dante's Inferno'

    Quite an interesting book. provides translations, meanings to ancient Latin, various phrases that would not normally be recognized unless you have read many Renaissance books and/or have an additional book on old-style English.

    three other books I found, dating back to the 1920s. with old embossed leather coverings in hardback.
    one is labeled [i]'women of America'[/i], a history book giving details and stories of patriotic, shapers of America's past.

    [i]'Elle's history of United States'[/i] volume 1 (number faded away, but it covers prior independence day.)

    and a old illustrated [i]'museum of antiquates'[/i] book. all coming from around the same time period of production, give or take a few years.

    and a bunch of Spider Robinson books, for all those wonderful puns that I love.

    huh quite a few Alaskan history books, a bunch of Robert Heinlein books, Redwall series, star wars books, and an 1/8 of the library has Baen labels, and an original Times Magazine from the 1950s covering WWII, and of course...

    harry potter books, Narnia books, and a dictionary.

    alot of the more older si-fi books are too high for me to reach

  3. and people with no idea over what to do with power can end up being the 'puppet king' (or leader, whatever)

    (maybe we should have a debate over this sometime in MD.)

    then again that might not really happen, other than peer-pressure.
    *edit to add another opinion*

  4. I think I will try my hand
    While I do not have any Ideas at hand
    the thought of showing ideas is true,
    But I Favor Ravin's idea, For Soosth. (old knight saying)

    I will run the edge for leader
    although my chances, slim.
    I only hope I am worthy.
    to take on a role.

    Tribunal, lands of the east is an intriguing place, many hidden meanings, many things yet to be revealed.
    I would not propose a way to go for this alliance, aside that it is not as dark as Raven or Phantasm proposes,
    I like what the others have said, a place to learn, to remember, A place to think, and let out minds wander.

    I only wonder.
    Lands of the East,
    what Shall our eyes feast upon?

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