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  1. Finally! I found my password for the forum after an hour of digging though old files.

  2. too many friends leaving.

    1. keida


      yes very true, its sad

  3. heh, You're One? Joking :P. still, congrats.

  4. Nevermind, that, there's another feller, Theslesmar, or something, great guy, but is also stuck in Golemus.

  5. nevermind that, one How are you?

  6. heh heh, I thought up a bad pun. but I don't want to dst you, so I'll just say, have a holy jolly weekend!

  7. a pleasure to meet one of the few of the world's most gifted, people.

  8. *Assira the Black has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello?* ... Hello?

  9. sad, to loose a pet that is close to you, is like loosing a piece of what makes you, you. here's to your pup, probably running around in doggie heaven. *sips his tea*

  10. Is Back, for Mur knows how long. :D

  11. Say, Bunny, you remind me of a Cartoon I had the odd privilege to see with my nephew and niece over in S.korea. Masimaro was that pudgy little rabbit's name with a plunger stuck to it's head

  12. how's it hangin'?

  13. have you ever taken an interest to punning? or pulling odd pranks?

  14. Very nice, how is the cheese over in the Netherlands?

  15. those cheeses sounds wonderful. How about the local alcohol?

  16. Hillo, Happy B-day there. Ha'e a splended day!

  17. Yarrrr! Hello!

  18. now that is quality work, origional, probably nice because it's coming from your head, maybe a touch or a dollup of a darker side if asked, heh. sounds fine, now if I can find a coin now, heh.

  19. the best (and maybe only) angel I know. nice to meat you. (pun intended)

  20. Hi bun-bun, How's the mini-lop bunny empire coming along? Cheers from a buffet table of Salad

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