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  1. time to star forfilling a promise before I come to my Crossroads.

  2. Da, still around-ish, checking in once in a while. whenever I'm not running ragged, like right now. :P

  3. Thanks, and... uh, happy birthday, whenever that is, :D

  4. Hey, happy belated Birthday!

  5. Don't see you around too oftan.... wherever are you hiding, puckering Fruity one?

  6. Heh, I see there are people trying to go down your path.

    Granos, irregardless if you ever see this comment, I want to state that I wish to take up your projects. I'll be on Y.Messenger

  7. too many friends leaving.

    1. keida


      yes very true, its sad

  8. Click click clackitty?

  9. Finally! I found my password for the forum after an hour of digging though old files.

  10. *curses* takes too long to find a series of numbers for passwords...

    Hey Shadowly, how's the Lands of Britannia?

  11. bloody hell, it's good to be back. oh yeah... what's new?

  12. cold? where I'm at now, it's the same desert... minus the heat and sand.

  13. good morning from the artic.

    whats with the shuffling around my profile? joking, joking.

  14. Hi. *Giggles then runs off in a bored but speedly manner*

  15. XD I love winding people up.

  16. :P Make that insensitive, and I'd completely agree with you.
  17. sorry for long wait... over the band picture... which big drum? if you mean the base drum, in the middle, yup. and the two Tenor drums next to it, with the Alto (double-snare) drums flanking, two on left, one on right.

  18. *poke poke, nudge nudge, flick flick.* hello?

  19. so... being called "king Manu" can mean king man? maybe King of man? who knows.

  20. I'll respond for Aeoshattr... "well you look like a pedophile that has no cerebral control over his lower part of his face/jaw" :P (Joking. Or Am I?!? but really, I'm joking.)

  21. Heya Aeo, haven't heard from you for a while.

  22. Hello, How's the wanderings?

  23. astral plain? don't you mean "go inside Mur's Astral Brain"?

  24. now that's some unbelievable power. :P ... not many people commenting here,

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