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  1. :P well, the kilt'll keep you warm, and be your bed... and that's lame, apologizing and getting flamed? that's baaaad
  2. :P Make that insensitive, and I'd completely agree with you.
  3. -_0 *uses the whip to whip-poke him*

  4. ... don't make me find my book of muffin-talk.

    it'll de-taco your conversations.

  5. ... Quote (Zl-eye-f)-nea, around now.

  6. ...? If the World was a Stage, I would be the guard with a Tesla Taser

  7. ' and they were fast as lightning!'

  8. 'bout to head out on piping parade so, I'm doing just splendid.

  9. 'Ello Poppitz. (pun)

  10. 'is obsessed'... With Money!

  11. 'tis a... really really big revolver.

  12. 'when there's nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire.' Already done that.

  13. (hey, I was right, over a hundred and seventy five days than you have. :P) like you?

  14. (o.-)? that lolled me to awakeness

  15. @Jester what do you mean you'll keep me up to date? does that mean I'll get a new date evertime you update me? can I see that cute girl at the workplace then? or is there new Jerkware in for me to search for to keep my asinine humor updated?

  16. *Assira the Black has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello?* ... Hello?

  17. *curses* takes too long to find a series of numbers for passwords...

    Hey Shadowly, how's the Lands of Britannia?

  18. *drops his head with a clank on a stone*

  19. *Gahrawrzers*!!!! *Ha'e a pine nut cake*

  20. *Just...pokes* :D couldn't resist.

  21. *poke poke, nudge nudge, flick flick.* hello?

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