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    Pipes'n'drums, trying to pun, all and any kind of music, minus anything "Gang-bangers" would like, has a sign on his front law that says "screw the dog, beware the owner"

    wonders why people like twittering on twitter with their cellular phones... does that make them twits?

    Deeper I go into my nuttiness, I wonder what is in store for us in the future.... I know, in the future, I'll be typing, but when I finish typing it will be the past...

    so the present is constantly dying as we make forth to the future, which we live in now, as everything falls to the past.

    does this (minus the first paragraph) even fit in 'interests'?
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    Zalabar (Zaladbar, Salad Bar)

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  1. Oooh oooh your joke really pissed me off, I'm reallt scared Zalabar don't do it again or else I might tell my mom... *shakes*

    That must be a great accomplishment for you, I'm happy for you Mr. Sensitivity, congratulations...

    Someone please award this loser here for pissing me off. XD Such a freakin' cry baby...

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